Hello, I’m Silvia Tedeschi!

La tua business consultant

Chi SonoCosa Faccio

Welcome! ?

This project was born from a strong desire to transmit and share all the knowledge, skills, experiences and aquiatances acquired so far.
Latedeschi.com is the reality that will allow you to optimize your free time, your money and feel supported in your projects, goals and desires.

By contacting us, explaining what problem or dissatisfaction you want to solve.
By contacting us, explaining which goals or goal you want to reach.

Latedeschi.com is the means and the solution tailored for you and your needs!

Trasferimenti & Tours

We’ll arrange every transfer you need.

We’ll offer you a personalized tour according to what you want.

Booking & Accomodations

Are you in the middle of a caotic  moment, are you feeling stressed and tired?

Just tell us where you want to go and we’ll book everything for you!


We customize your shopping experience. We can make you dream choosing the best outfits for you. We can go shopping and come to you with your best choices!


Call us to live the Wedding you always Dreamed about!


Latedeschi.com will help you to promote your product, your, services, your company!

Don’t wait to gain popularity!

and Wellness

We wanna take care of your look!

We’ll find the best beauty technicians for you all around the world.

You’ll never walk alone.

My Education, my studies, my experiences abroad…

I have always been a great fan of languages and communication, curious about interpersonal relationships and everything that could be out there.

That’s how I chose the linguistic high school and to follow a triennial degree in Sciences of Translators and Interpreters and a Specialization in Languages for the International Communication.

During these years I studied English, Spanish and French.

Let’s talk!

We all want to optimize our few free time, left from our frenetic lives. Latedeschi.com is your perfect mean to enjoy it the most!

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