I’m starting to write straight away, just tonight which is one of those evenings that, I don’t know why, lead you to cry all the tears you have, will it be the fault of this quarantine just over? Will it be the fault of the pre menstrual cycle? Coincidences sometimes make you understand many things … yes, because tonight Silvia asked me to talk about me on her blog, about my life, work and my person experiences … she would have wanted a story about Fashion and the difficulties that inevitably have to be faced if you want to work in that sector, but I replied that I completely changed my life a short time ago, and with her sunny and positive attitude she replied that it is a sign , that we must let everyone know how we can change our lives and reinvent ourselves at any time and at any age.


I met Silvia years ago for a friend in common in Rome, on a carefree and serene evening and we never got lost from there, Silvia observes deeply, she knows how to see all those nuances in the people that others don’t see … people with kindred souls choose each other, and the world is in dire need of beautiful souls, today more than ever.


I am Martina, I am 30 years old and what I have understood so far is that we must be happy, we must go to bed with our hearts in peace and wake up with the pride of putting all our efforts into what we do.

I graduated in Fashion and I did everything to work in this area, I tried many roles, I changed many cities, I learned English, but it was never enough, I was never the daughter or spouse of a famous or powerful one, I was not never qualified enough, I  never had the right amount of experience … people did everything to put a stick in my wheels, because in this world there is so much competition you know … and I every day became more and more sad, more empty, more unmotivated … so I decided to leave everything behind … I understood that if you insist on things, of whatever kind they are and they never take the right turn, maybe they simply aren’t the right things for you … it is useless to put one’s head on and damn one’s soul; so I decided to stop.


And suddenly the right way for me has come … now I work with young children, from 0 to 3 years old and often also with older ones.

I am taking another degree in pedagogy and on weekends I work in a beach resort, on the sand, with people … now I am happy … it was enough to understand it: it is never late to understand which way to go.

I hope that sooner or later it will happen to me the same with love, because so far it has been a bit like in my career path … I have always gone the wrong way and insisted where I shouldn’t have … also love I think it is ready to arrive after we stopped and especially after we first realized ourselves.

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