This Coronavirus is putting everyone in great emotional difficulty, even the ones who are always ready to fight to smile like me!

it is certainly a combination of factors. The fact is that I miss my dad like never before and the thought of not seeing my family and especially Mom for so long makes me really breathless.

There are mornings that I wake up with a boulder on my heart and moments of the day when I only see black .. but this is not me! and I don’t want to be me!

I was raised with a lot of love and smiles and this I want to continue to be.

Destiny or Heaven or someone for them .. intervened to alleviate the sadness and my heart ache .. making me meet new precious crazy friends! Those who wake up full of beautiful energy and do nothing but share it are contagious!

With two of them in particular, Laura and Rowen, I spent most of my time last week: a fantastic Hiking to Makapu’u Lighthouse (of which I will tell in another post) and the crazy exciting photonic unique adventure of Skydiving!

They proposed it to me on Friday for Saturday .. at the beginning I said “oh, I don’t know, I don’t think, I’m too afraid”, then in the meantime I decided to join the group and then decide there and then.

Their group of friends is truly engaging, affectionate and supportive.

All five were super convinced, confident and eager to fly. I was there that still did not know whether to jump or not ..

So I tried to focus myself only on the positive aspects that skydiving would have for me:

  • these are activities that can only be done in certain places and therefore I don’t know when this occasion could happen again
  • if something goes wrong, better to die in a fun activity than because of the cursed tumors or in an accident on the street (just see the percentage of deaths)
  • part of a super exciting and encouraging group
  • climbing so high in the sky (4,500 meters) will make me feel the feeling of being close to my Papone again

We have been waiting for almost three hours and then every time my mind ended up in some dark and negative corner, I immediately tried to bring back my attention cone (I will gladly tell you about it if you want) on that blessed list!

Needless to deny how much they helped any activity or chat we invented to cheat time .. stretching, the aperitif with Japanese tea and peanut butter biscuits, the question of the Puerto Ricans on Italian symbolic places ..

Then came the time to jump from the plane .. still trying to keep the attention cone on anything else .. trying to see Papo in the clouds .. I explained to my instructor that I would keep my eyes closed at the time of the launch. . (I suffer from vertigo and the heights impress me) and so I did .. I opened them immediately after .. in full free fall in the clouds!

Ok .. this part I wouldn’t know how to explain it in words .. I hope photos and videos will do it for me!

Good vision,

with love.

Your Silvia.

And you? Have you ever tried skydiving?

Tell us about your favorite adventure!!

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