An important job, a quite silently invisible profile I would say.. because just a few people know it and just a few know how important it is to ask for a review of our own text before sharing it! That’s when you contact a proofreader, a professional ready to revise your text and help to make it perfect.  Meet the person who will help you to succeed…

Here are our questions to Alexa Untermann, a proofreader in Hawaii and available to work online with someone of any country.

1. What did you study in high school and later?
I had the privilege of attending one of the top private schools in Hawai’i, where I studied a variety of subjects. Additionally, I attended Babson School to study entrepreneurship in college.

2. How was born in you the idea of being a proofreader/text reviser?
I have an innate ability to correct grammar and vocabulary. It started all in elementary school when I excelled in a Spelling Bee. In high school, I had a high score of 700 or 720 out of 8000 on my verbal SAT portion. In the past and currently, I am praised for my writing ability and proofread emails, grants, and other documents for the CEO of the company I work for. I often correct the way people spell or say things in everyday life, as well, and can pick up on errors naturally.

3. How do you usually do it? which instruments/way to do it
It’s pretty simple – I usually just read sentences and listen to text via someone conversing and I can pick up on whether the syntax is correct or not, and thereafter correct the error.

4. Is it true that the need for this job is growing a lot because we are always in a rush so we often lose the grammar and syntax details?
I would say that the advent of a busier, more technologically advanced way of life as a human civilization has, in general, definitely changed the importance of detail-oriented, correct and sound verbal and grammatical usage.

5. How much is it for your revision? Does it depend on the technicality of the text?
I would say that it is best to review the piece of text needing editing and then I can assess from there what makes sense.

proofreader, hawaii, success, revision, corporate

proofreader, hawaii, success, revision, corporate

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