Aloha everyone!!

On Friday night my husband Mauro and I have been invited by two good friends of us now forming a magic couple!!

I love them and they love me.. Cause i really wanted a homemade sushi night and Maka realized it in the best possible way!!

Mauro bought some amazing fresh raw fish and wasabi from Tamashiro Market and Maka the other tasty ingredients from a secret local store.

Alexa, for me Alessia, surprised me making a special dessert called Mochi. Please trust me, it’s really special!! And her gluten and dairy free version of this cake came out super healthy and tasty!! Brava Ale, i am proud of you.

I love cooking and baking because there is so much creativity involved. You can create anything you like any way you like it! There’s so much freedom. We love living healthy and active, loving lifestyles, that if we cook for ourselves, we know what is going into this temple of a body 🙂 So important these days with hectic and busy lives to take time to nurture ourselves and spend time with our loved ones through nourishing the body, heart and spirit with the art of cooking. Cooking takes time and if you do it together, you get way more out of the experience than if you just pick up fast food or takeout. Plus, it’s so fun! Try it and I’m sure you’ll catch the bug! I eat dairy and gluten-free because of my allergies-it’s better for me, others and the planet if I consume consciously. Dairy and gluten don’t have the best rap for healthy or conscious practices (dairy cows aren’t usually treated very humanely and it’s not even the best for our body-can cause inflammation…and gluten-filled foods generally have gone through too much processing for our bodies to handle, plus gluten can cause inflammation in our brain and body…) I love sweets so if I make changes opting out of gluten and dairy and I use natural sweeteners in my baking, it’s a win-win for my body, sweet tooth and me! Plus the process of preparing food to eat is a very positive one, very nurturing, so you’re more likely to be satisfied! Plus, the connection we have to food is a very important one… the more connected you are to your food, to more connected you will be to your body, self and community and world around you. Cheers to a healthy body, heart and soul, healthy relationships and a healthy connection to our community…start cooking!❤️????

Have you ever tried Mochi?

What’s your favorite sushi’s recipe?

Leave us your comment 🙂


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