that’s what i think every time i meet Jolie and i talk to her.

She is so talented and charismatic, she has a lot of hobbies, interests and she smiles a lot, shining..!

So, last week she posted on her instagram account (i really suggest you to follow her) a picture of her beautiful basil plants so we started talking about italian pesto..

I always wanted an herb garden and so it was one of the first things I bought when I moved into my new house.

That’s when i asked her to please meet me to make together a home made pesto to show to the follower of


During the meal preparation i asked her about her experience with pasta, about her connection with cooking and Italian Cuisine:

I grew up eating a lot of pasta because it was high in carbohydrates and was a good meal to eat while being so active at a young age.

I follow a lot of Italian chefs and pick up recipes and tips from them but always make things my own way.

We made pasta Garofalo from Costco, it’s a good quality of italian pasta in Hawaii.

We added sun dried tomatoes on top of the pasta to enriched the flavors and give a touch of red for a good looking dish 🙂

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