Hawaii means a lot of things.. Adventures, experiences, landscapes, nature, colors.. but especially amazing People!

That’s what i most thankful for.

I met a lot of Hawaiians and then had a crash on these awesome three: Kanani, Colby and DanDan!

They are young but with amazing ideas and projects, they are creative, they are full of enthusiasm and good energy. So grateful and blessed i feel.

They recently started to make the traditional Papales: hats created through coconut palm tree leaves that DanDan climbs to get. They are non-gender and can me customized with any measure.

I bought one and usually wear it on the beach, during hiking and also during a nice and easy day of window shopping and meeting with friends.

It’s also the best way to support local and these beautiful young souls in their studies and projects.

Are you curious to feel how a Papale will fit on you? 🙂






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