i am so proud and happy to share my interview to Melania Popovici, Creative Director @ Piranha Eyewear.

I approached this cute brand through my friend Golie, who is a cool and important eye doctor on the island where we live: Oahu.

Here Piranha Eyewear is very popular and spread, so it triggered my curiosity about their company and projects.

I approached Melania and i have been very lucky about that. She has immediately shown her kind availabilty and proactive interest in talking with me for and all of you reading and listening.

These are the questions you will find in the video interview:

How and when Piranha Eyewear was created?
What are your values, vision and mission?
Where do you get your inspiration?
I am very curious about the names of your products, how do you create and establish them?
How has this job changed with the pandemic?
Goals for 2021?
Can we have anticipations about the new collections?


i can’t wait to wear the 2021 new collection!

Stay tuned all 🙂

Here how i enjoy Piranha shades in Hawaii

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