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My family and I started our YouTube channel Ohanaeatz in the summer of 2020 during the pandemic here in Hawai’i.  With all of the sadness throughout the world, we wanted to share some food, family and fun to lift people’s spirits. 
While my family originates from both Napoli and Citta Sant’angelo (my cousins are still living there), my husband is from Korea.  This makes for a super foodie family.  Both my husband and I grew up on the east coast in the Philadelphia region but my family instilled every Italian tradition possible.
Since I was a baby, I grew up in the kitchen. I’ve rolled pasta since I was a toddler and took my family traditions to schools and the internet by teaching our traditions to high school students around the globe.
My summers were spent traveling throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and cruising.  My husband and I have preserved this tradition with our children Isabella and Vincent and have taken them to upscale restaurants and met with chefs from around the world.  We have infused their techniques into our everyday life.
We’ve been living in Hawai’i for over 3 years and even though our normal travel several times a year has been cancelled due to this pandemic, we decided to focus on where we live and show the beauty of the food and local sights here in Hawai’i.
The union of Italian and Hawaiian values has been displayed to us throughout our time here and we look forward to welcoming everyone when they are able to travel.
Our ohana (la famiglia) hopes to continue to travel the world and share our favorite places to eat and see when it is safe for everyone.
We welcome everyone from Italy and afar and will gladly offer the most authentic, safest suggestions so you can experience Hawai’i as if you were living here yourself. 
You can reach out to us at any time and we will guide you in the right direction.  We hope to bring you joy, aloha and amore!
Ciao a tutti,
Gina, Do, Isabella, & Vincent
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