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Ciao Maddie,

Thanks for your availability and talk to us about your business in professional decluttering.

  • How and when Maddie Gets Organized was created?

Ciao! Thank you for reaching out. I first started working professionally as a home organizer in the middle of 2020. I was working as a coordinator and due to the pandemic I was unable to continue. I always knew I had a knack for organizing and decluttering but didn’t think I could make it a business. 

  • What are your values, vision and mission?

   My ultimate goal is to leave my clients with a peaceful state of mind and feeling of self confidence. I feel great satisfaction when I finish a space and my client is surprised at how much room they truly have and how transformed the space became. 

  • Where do you get your inspiration?

   When I first start on a job, I make sure I get a strong understanding as to the needs and desires of my clients. I am hired to make their lives easier and more functioning. Take a kitchen, for example, what is used everyday in one household may be an occasional-use item in another. Each home is unique. 

  • How has this job changed with the pandemic?

   I started my business during the pandemic, (a risk, I know) so for me making sure I sanitize often and wear a mask is normal. I want whoever I am organizing for to be excited about this experience and not stressed about safety. 

  • Goals for this 2021? Can we have anticipations about the new projects?

   I have a few fun projects coming up. I recently helped organize the Hilton house in Beverly Hills and will be working on Ashley Green’s home come the end of July. I recently started traveling for work and have a trip lined up to organize in Colorado Springs in September. 

  • Being together in Oahu, I have to ask you: What’s your favorite characteristic, product, aspect, food, place, drink, show of Hawaii?

   Traveling to Oahu has been amazing. There is so much to do and see. The fish is so fresh. The hikes are breathtaking. And the water is the perfect temperature. If you are traveling to the island, I would recommend getting a poke bowl from Ono Seafood and then heading towards Electric Beach for some crazy snorkeling. 

   Below I attached some photos of previous jobs. Mahalo! 



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