Silvia Tedeschi

I have always been a great fan of languages and communication, curious about interpersonal relationships and everything that could be out there.

That’s how I chose the linguistic high school and a triennial degree in Sciences of Interpreters and Translators and a second degree in Languages for International Communication.

During these years i studied foreign languages such as English, Spanish and French.

I tried to put into practice the theory and rules learned through books thanks to my several stays abroad. The United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain, during the Thesis Research, were real test benches to improve my academic and human skills.

I also like a lot Portuguese – Brazilian language. This linguistic interest came later, after the University when I was already working and I was about to go to RIO for the 2016 Olympic Games.

These experiences are real vital thrusts that have encouraged me to learn concretely how to adapt to new cities, new rules, new organizations, new tastes!

My background came back super useful when, in 2018, I gave up everything to leave with my husband for new projects and a new life. I was catapulted first to Boston for eight months and immediately flew to Honolulu where I have been living for almost two years.

Esperienze lavorative

Many long and short work experiences, here’s how I could summarize my resume  so far!

Yes, because I actually started working since i was very young, during the high school years, driven by a great desire for independence and challenges.

My family gave me everything I needed, but I wanted to start relying on myself. And that’s how the first jobs as babysitter, waitress, shop assistant, haidresser and also as a seller of frozen foods began! In short, a little out of curiosity, a little out of necessity, I’ve always been very busy.

During the first degree, I worked for 2 years in the editorial team of Applausi, a Raiuno TV program directed by Gigi Marzullo, specialized in theatrical art. I was in charge of casting, secretary, logistics, reception, press office and research in the historical RAI archives for the episodes that we would have produced.

I then had a great and interesting experience as secretary and editor for Romapiù and Carta PerDue ( I had the pleasure of working with a super team that was able to transmit me a lot of energy and push me to  improve myself. In fact, following this opportunity, I decided to deepen the sphere of communication and PR.

After the specialization, I therefore started my long and intense collaboration with DAO Sport, considered the most important sport and events agency in Italy. For them I worked as Athletes’ Senior Account, dealing with sports marketing, managing the image rights of the best Italian Olympic Champions such as Tania Cagnotto, Luca Dotto, Francesca Piccinini, Daniele Lupo, Simone Giannelli, Rossella Fiamingo and others.

It was a path that enriched me a lot in terms of knowledge, skills, not only technical but also and above all relational. I managed to acquire a customer and supplier portfolio full of journalists, photographers and professionals from the world of communication and beyond.

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