What can we do for you?

We put all our skills at your disposal and on the field to ensure that you can optimize your energies, not run into errors or waste of time and therefore enjoy all the opportunities and opportunities that come your way.

It is important for us to understand where you want to go, what you want to change or what you want to get, in order to bring you the best service or guide or product possible.

Have you ever wondered: wouldn’t it be better if i could find all these answers and services in just one person?

Have you ever known what to do or how to do, but still feeling lonely and unsupported?

Here’s what Latedeschi.com does!


Latedeschi.com is able to offer you different types of consultancy, whether you are a small or medium-sized company or simply a person who wants to be supported for a project or a goal.

Wouldn’t you want some help if you have a problem to solve?

Wouldn’t you want a tip when you’re in crisis and confused?


Strategy is the art of making good use of time and distance … distance can be recovered, time never.
(Napoleon Bonaparte)

That’s it! .. the best quote to show you what you need and why to request support for your Strategy and above all to summarize what Latedeschi.com is for you!

Stop wasting time, don’t go back ’cause we … we must go on!

Strategy is any form of thought which has as its objective the modification of reality.
(Luca Desiata)

Interpreting and Translations

Latedeschi.com offers linguistic mediation services for your technical (scientific, legal, economic, industrial) and non-technical texts.

The languages covered are Italian, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, but also German and Japanese!

Don’t wait to contact us, in this fast paced world we all want to understand and be understood!

Read, write, transmit, receive, communicate ideas!

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