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Laura Virginia: It’s the leaps, twists, turns and unexpected things that make life life and make us us. 

I have always been interested in languages, accents, culture, people, and serving others. Some of my most memorable and formative experiences as a teenager were Spanish class with my feisty Cuban profesora, and missions trips with my church to the Dominican Republic. I loved learning the language, communication style, culture, as well as being able […]

Maria: a life between Family and Hemming Machines.

In my life I cannot consider work a dream come true, because I would have preferred to do something else where I could have put much more than the enthusiasm that I have in character; but this was not the case and in the end I transformed it by putting love and passion on what […]

Starting July with an amazing Balayage!

A great offer from Damà Hair Studio is ready for you! Using the code #Latedeschi.com10 you will get 10% discount on the amazing trendy balayage! The regular list price is: 90 euros for the balayage service + 20 euros for the reflective + 20 euros for the styling. Thanks to Latedeschi.com you can get all […]

Martina: it is never late to understand which way to go.

I’m starting to write straight away, just tonight which is one of those evenings that, I don’t know why, lead you to cry all the tears you have, will it be the fault of this quarantine just over? Will it be the fault of the pre menstrual cycle? Coincidences sometimes make you understand many things […]

Latedeschi.com & BB Artas have a super deal for you!

The Artas b & b, which enhances the “stone” with its sweet nuances, is located in the heart of the historic center of Lecce, an outbuilding of an elegant 18th century building, a few steps from the most important archaeological sites in the city (Duomo and Piazza Sant ‘Oronzo) and well connected to public services […]

Fabrizio Nalli: from the poverty to the Stage

Where and when everything started.. I was born from a poor family in a village on the outskirts of the city of Rome; a harsh environment, which from the early years made me understand that life would be tough for me. Abuses were on the agenda, and my mother for fear of a street so […]