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I met Jillian when i lived in Boston and she patiently worked on my Italian habits of eating lots of gluten and carbs meals during the day. I was not a huge fan of fitness, but she always made it more funny and engaging. Then i moved to Hawaii and brought with me the good […]

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Ciao Maddie, Thanks for your availability and talk to us about your business in professional decluttering. How and when Maddie Gets Organized was created? Ciao! Thank you for reaching out. I first started working professionally as a home organizer in the middle of 2020. I was working as a coordinator and due to the pandemic I […]

My name is Carrie Younkin and I am a Divemaster who’s been scuba diving for about 15 years.  My passion for all things ocean-related started as far back as I can remember which naturally led to my college career in marine biology.  Although I didn’t start diving until several years after college, I fortunately happened […]

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Ciao!!!! good news for you readers of www.latedeschi.com: we are about to meet and read the interesting story of Gina and Ohanaeatz! you gonna want to check them out 😉 Aloha www.latedeschi.com, My family and I started our YouTube channel Ohanaeatz in the summer of 2020 during the pandemic here in Hawai’i.  With all of […]

Hello Hello! Ready for you an intense, encouraging article on Personal Mission Statement by Alexa Untermann. Ale is a close friend of mine here in Honolulu, she is so charismatic and energic. She always tells me about interesting researches she makes and keep capturing my attention with her comments and points of view. That’s why […]

Aloha, i am so proud and happy to share my interview to Melania Popovici, Creative Director @ Piranha Eyewear. I approached this cute brand through my friend Golie, who is a cool and important eye doctor on the island where we live: Oahu. Here Piranha Eyewear is very popular and spread, so it triggered my curiosity about […]

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Aloha from an italian kitchen in Hawaii!! Last night i had a fresh good salmon in my fridge and felt willing to try some new recipe to make it. Usually we bake it with pistachios crust or with potatoes. So, it was the moment to try something new, different. I navigated around google and found […]

  Hawaii means a lot of things.. Adventures, experiences, landscapes, nature, colors.. but especially amazing People! That’s what i most thankful for. I met a lot of Hawaiians and then had a crash on these awesome three: Kanani, Colby and DanDan! They are young but with amazing ideas and projects, they are creative, they are […]

wow!! that’s what i think every time i meet Jolie and i talk to her. She is so talented and charismatic, she has a lot of hobbies, interests and she smiles a lot, shining..! So, last week she posted on her instagram account https://www.instagram.com/jolie9razzy/?hl=it (i really suggest you to follow her) a picture of her […]

I am so happy to introduce to you an amazing lunch i had before Halloween with my Hawaiians chicks in Honolulu; it was very funny but also interesting cause we had opportunity to better know each other and learn from each other. In the next videos you will find our video recipes about Mochiko Chicken […]

Aloha everyone!! On Friday night my husband Mauro and I have been invited by two good friends of us now forming a magic couple!! I love them and they love me.. Cause i really wanted a homemade sushi night and Maka realized it in the best possible way!! Mauro bought some amazing fresh raw fish […]

An important job, a quite silently invisible profile I would say.. because just a few people know it and just a few know how important it is to ask for a review of our own text before sharing it! That’s when you contact a proofreader, a professional ready to revise your text and help to […]

I have always been interested in languages, accents, culture, people, and serving others. Some of my most memorable and formative experiences as a teenager were Spanish class with my feisty Cuban profesora, and missions trips with my church to the Dominican Republic. I loved learning the language, communication style, culture, as well as being able […]

This Coronavirus is putting everyone in great emotional difficulty, even the ones who are always ready to fight to smile like me! it is certainly a combination of factors. The fact is that I miss my dad like never before and the thought of not seeing my family and especially Mom for so long makes […]

In my life I cannot consider work a dream come true, because I would have preferred to do something else where I could have put much more than the enthusiasm that I have in character; but this was not the case and in the end I transformed it by putting love and passion on what […]

A great offer from Damà Hair Studio is ready for you! Using the code #Latedeschi.com10 you will get 10% discount on the amazing trendy balayage! The regular list price is: 90 euros for the balayage service + 20 euros for the reflective + 20 euros for the styling. Thanks to Latedeschi.com you can get all […]

I’m starting to write straight away, just tonight which is one of those evenings that, I don’t know why, lead you to cry all the tears you have, will it be the fault of this quarantine just over? Will it be the fault of the pre menstrual cycle? Coincidences sometimes make you understand many things […]

  Freelancing is a word that makes me cringe. It’s associated with cheap labor, work on the side, finite hourly rates, a hobby for a little extra money, everything but a serious high-level professional career.   In my 13+ years of being in business for myself, I have assumed the role of entrepreneur, business owner, […]

The Artas b & b, which enhances the “stone” with its sweet nuances, is located in the heart of the historic center of Lecce, an outbuilding of an elegant 18th century building, a few steps from the most important archaeological sites in the city (Duomo and Piazza Sant ‘Oronzo) and well connected to public services […]

Where and when everything started.. I was born from a poor family in a village on the outskirts of the city of Rome; a harsh environment, which from the early years made me understand that life would be tough for me. Abuses were on the agenda, and my mother for fear of a street so […]

Why this time the title of the post is “only” a name? Here is the reason for my choice: Olga has always made me evoke the idea of a strong, tough woman and my Spanish teacher at the Bachelor’s Degree with her name and personality has strengthened this combination in me. And then Vittoria, yes […]

Almost everyone has spent the past 2 months at home because of the lockdown. On the contrary, another part of Italy, that made by doctors, nurses and hospital staff, has been involved in the front line in the fight against Covid-19, risking their lives (and that of their family members) to save the our. When […]

  Good morning Silvia, I’m glad to tell you my story … I have known the world of work since I was 11 on construction sites with my father at his small construction company. During this adventure while my schoolmates went to the beach during the summer holidays, I “helped” my father by earning a […]

Which are the elements, the moments, the details that make you satisfied and willing to renew every year your decision to be a volleyball coach? I truly love being part of a team. Essentially helping one another develop and progress towards success of the whole team.  One of the most satisfying things is watching the […]

Cogli la grande occasione del 10% di sconto* presentando codice Latedeschi.com per rifarti il look e farti consigliare sui migliori negozi e occasioni nel caratteristico quartiere romano di Testaccio! Chiamali allo +39 06 9506 0189 o contattali tramite la loro pagina facebook https://www.facebook.com/DAMAHAIRSTUDIO107 comunicando il codice cliente e mandaci le foto del prima e del […]

  Amante della Spagna, non potevo che accettare ad occhi chiusi quando la mia amica Daniela mi propose di andare a Santander per il weekend del suo compleanno! Parliamo del primo fine settimana di aprile e soprattutto del 2014.. quindi sei anni fa; perdonatemi se le foto non sono di alta qualità come quelle odierne […]

Ecco come queste fantastiche isole ti accolgono.. una semplice parola, ma che sprigiona ormai da anni quel qualcosa di esotico, di colorato, di positivo specialmente in noi italiani. Così, con la stessa energia, voglio cominciare a raccontarvi le nostre Hawaii che abbiamo la fortuna di vivere non solo da residenti ma anche da turisti.. quindi […]

Hi everybody! For this Sunday, some Italian tradition even here in Hawaii: Polpette al Sugo. For you Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. As everybody in the world, we are facing this sad pandemic due to Coronavirus, so we have time to cook fresh meals and with longer preparation. I chose this recipe for me and my […]

  Ci sono tante cose che mi piacerebbe raccontare della mia vita, ho sempre pensato che condividere delle esperienze umane possa essere comunque utile, almeno così è stato ed è per me. Non solo in modo attivo, come vorrei tentare ora, ma forse e soprattutto … passivo. Credo possa essere considerato quasi un atto di […]

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