My name is Carrie Younkin and I am a Divemaster who’s been scuba diving for about 15 years.  My passion for all things ocean-related started as far back as I can remember which naturally led to my college career in marine biology.  Although I didn’t start diving until several years after college, I fortunately happened to be living on the beautiful island of Mau’i.  After enjoying the islands for 4 years, I traveled to, lived in (and of course, dove!) many places all over the world.  About 2 ½ years ago, I landed back in Hawai’i (this time on the island of O’ahu) where I started working as a Divemaster and Sales Associate for a local dive shop.  I always say even a crappy day underwater is better than a good day on land, so I figured what wouldn’t be better than to work where I can get paid to dive!

So for the last 2 ½ years, I’ve been working for Honolulu Scuba Company/Island Divers.  The shop I primarily work at is Honolulu Scuba Company in Kaka’ako and we run our boats out of Kewalo Harbor, just down the street.  Three boats reside there and we have two boats behind our sister shop, Island Divers, which is located in Hawaii Kai.  We also have one boat on the west side located in Waianae Harbor as well as military base shops on Hickam and Schofield Barracks.

In ‘normal life’, we are a pretty busy operation with all of the shops open daily for retail sales, rentals, equipment servicing, bookings and classes as well as the boats operating numerous charters.  Although we have a large number of locals that give us their business, our main customer base are tourists.  Many people who want to vacation here want to enjoy the beautiful waters of Hawai’i, either by trying SCUBA for the first time, getting certified, advancing their certifications or just fun diving!  

But in ‘not-so normal life’, we had to close all of our shops and boat operations in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been crazy ever since.  We were able to open up ‘by appointment only’ for a bit here and there for retail, tank fills, rentals, and equipment services, but boat operations remained at a standstill.  Once we were finally able to run some of our boat charters, cases started going back up, so we were completely shut down once again after a short period of time.  All of this has been quite difficult on my company and the dive industry as a whole, especially in Hawai’i with tourism being a major part of the economy on top of a lot of this happening over the summer months-one of our busiest times of the year.  Since the last ‘re-opening’ in September, we have been able to keep our doors open for (somewhat) regular business hours as well as run our boats at 25% capacity.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there were layoffs forcing a lot of my co-workers to leave the island while myself and others stayed and tried to keep on top of things and stay updated, even though trying to understand all the changes on a daily/weekly basis was very tough and often confusing.  We’ve been constantly changing our methods and procedures as to what is recommended by the CDC as well as our local government by not only wearing a mask in the store and on the boats (until you’re about to get in the water, of course!), but also only allowing small numbers in the shops at a time.  We also have been using Steramine (a safe, nontoxic disinfectant) on all gear that any person has touched, tried on or used as well as constantly using sanitizing wipes and spray throughout the day.

We are now in Tier 2 (of 4) in Hawai’i and we are hoping to somehow have the cases stay low while tourism and our economy can boom again, although I’m not sure how all of this can happen at once..  I am optimistic that our economy WILL bounce back and businesses like scuba diving companies will thrive once again, but unfortunately this is hard to do without the majority of our main customers.  Unfortunately, we may just have to get through the 2020 holidays-our other busiest time of year-how things are now in order to get back to ‘normal’ life.  I just hope that it won’t be too long before tourists can once again enjoy the amazingness of what I’m grateful to call my backyard, the magnificent Pacific Ocean. 

Hello Hello!

Ready for you an intense, encouraging article on Personal Mission Statement by Alexa Untermann.

Ale is a close friend of mine here in Honolulu, she is so charismatic and energic.

She always tells me about interesting researches she makes and keep capturing my attention with her comments and points of view.

That’s why i asked her to write an article to inspire all of us and hopefully soon we’ll create a weekly appointment with her to share and appreciate her findings 🙂


Hi friends!  Happy Weekend!

So I wanted to share something that I’ve been working on for a while.  I have been looking for more meaning in my life, purpose, a mission, direction.  Over the past 10 years, I have endured health adversity that has gotten me to question what is truly important in life.  I have been on a hunt for the past 2 plus years on discovering my purpose.  I have vacillated and gone back and forth, unsure of why I’m really here and what I’m meant to do, what kind of impact I’m meant to have in the world.  Well, lucky me!  I discovered this article the other day, completed the exercises and feel like I’ve finally realized what I’m here to do.  And I want to share with you because there has been quite a bit of data on how finding and living one’s purpose helps people to live happy and healthy lives.  And that’s part of my purpose and mission in this life, which I will share with you. Let’s get started…
My why, my personal mission statement is to upbeat the heartbeat, or the longer version…fulfill my highest potential, live my healthiest, happiest, best dream life, live with heart n’ soul, and uplift the world around me – by taking care of the planet, helping people to live healthy, happy, active lifestyles, and spreading good vibes.  I felt that in order for me to make an impact on the world, I wanted to first elevate myself and be my best or self-actualize, live my best life I imagine and then positively affect others from there.
I used a resource to help me craft this mission statement and want to share with you:  It’s all about what resonates and feels good to you.  Enjoy the process, direction and the heart of why you’re here on the planet.  You have a lot to give, and since there’s much joy in giving, cheers to your good life moving forward.  Sending love and good vibes to you!  Keep being you and letting your light shine… you are special, always remember that…
Most people write a mission statement to clarify the type of work they want to do, decide on the types of companies they might like to work for, and highlight personal values or beliefs that might affect their experience in a workplace environment.


Xoxo and with aloha,



I have always been interested in languages, accents, culture, people, and serving others. Some of my most memorable and formative experiences as a teenager were Spanish class with my feisty Cuban profesora, and missions trips with my church to the Dominican Republic. I loved learning the language, communication style, culture, as well as being able to help and serve others. I loved “dia de cultura” on Fridays where we would go to the cafeteria to learn how to dance merengue and move our hips. I loved being able to help less fortunate children understand they are loved, teach them songs, crafts and games, as well as translate for medical clinics (the third year I returned). That very Cuban Spanish teacher had a daughter who was a speech language pathologist; I ended up meeting her, babysitting her bilingual children for many years, and shadowing her at work. I loved what I saw at her job- helping children from all backgrounds and with various difficulties learn to communicate and express themselves.

Heading into college, choosing a degree was clear – I’d pick 2! I double majored in speech language pathology and Spanish at James Madison University. I was able to study abroad for a semester in Spain, as well as volunteer with the Latino population in the area of Harrisonburg Virginia. I would go to elementary schools and clinics to observe speech pathologists in action which was intriguing, and confirmed my decision for my major…. but there were other classes in undergrad that drew my attention. We took anatomy and neuroanatomy, and participated in a cadaver labs where we would manipulate the actual nerves, muscles and tendons that allow people to talk, eat, drink, laugh. I was fascinated. In order to practice as a speech language pathologist, you have to have a masters degree AND successfully complete a 9 month fellowship before becoming fully licensed and independent practitioner. My journey was just beginning.

(7 roommates in an 8 bedroom old home in Harrisonburg VA)

When it came to applying to graduate school I was of course looking EXCLUSIVELY at bilingual programs in places like Texas, Southern California, and Chicago. I was determined to combine speech pathology and Spanish at the graduate level. As a “safety school” I applied to the University in my hometown of Baltimore….that did NOT have a bilingual program. The rejection letters rolled in, and ultimately I was accepted ONLY to Towson University in Baltimore (a boring city with way-too-long winters). Now I know that not everyone believes in a higher power, or God but I do. I may not have realized this initially, but ultimately moving home for grad school was meant to be.  I was able to save money, reconnect with childhood friends and family, and have one of the most pivotal experiences related to my career. I initially continued on in graduate school thinking I would work with bilingual children who had language disorders, and focused my attention nearly exclusively to that end. In our second year however, we were REQUIRED to do a medically based externship with ADULTS. Other than finding anatomy class interesting, I had no idea about the medical field whatsoever. Through yet another providential encounter I was afforded the opportunity to shadow a speech pathologist who worked at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore city. This hospital is important because it has been ranked the #1 hospital in the United States for many years. After shadowing for a day, to my surprise, I was asked to apply for their speech pathology graduate externship program. Long story short I applied, made it through the grueling interview, was chosen, and completed my last semester as a graduate clinician at Johns Hopkins. I was specifically covering the neurology and neurosurgery floors. The pace of that place, the types of patients, the amazing life- saving brain surgeries being done for people with strokes, brain tumors, cancer, was incredible to me. I loved reading patient charts and learning about their diagnoses, what procedures had been done, and then getting to go into their room and help them right there in their hospital bed. I wrapped up that externship with an excitement for the hospital setting, and thankful to have been home, in Baltimore.

The John Hopkins Hospital

(grad school graduation- 2 of the girls I graduated with I had known since childhood, and we are still good friends today)


Despite my new found enthusiasm for medical speech pathology, I was exhausted from graduate school. My intrigue for the Spanish language and Latino culture had taken a back seat but was still very present. That being said, I deviated from the typical tack of my peers, and took 5 months off to travel around South and Central America. I enrolled in a Spanish for professionals course so that I could HOPEFULLY ultimately combine my new found love for medical speech pathology with my historical love for Spanish. During that period I hiked to Machu Picchu, swam with dolphins in the Amazon river, (unsuccessfully) fished for pirañas, explored the beaches of Cartagena, slept in hammocks, made friends from around the globe. After about a month of that, I settled in with my surrogate family in San Jose Costa Rica for 4 months. While living in CR I faithfully attended Spanish for professionals classes but also learned to dance salsa in my family’s kitchen, ate wayyyy too much costa rican food, AND discovered that Costa Rica is the only country in central america that has a collegiate speech pathology program. In addition to my “Spanish for professionals” course, I was able to attend university level speech path classes and interact with professional peers on an international level.  The path we take in life may deviate from that of our peers, but how boring and unfulfilling would life be if we looked at each other and chose the same one.

camping, friends, around the world, big smiles 🙂

hammocks, camping, friends, around the world, big smiles 🙂

macchu picchu, friends, around the world, big smiles 🙂

After wrapping up 5 months abroad it was time to come home (I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding- I had no choice). It was time to start working and I was determined to find a job where I could combine speaking Spanish + medical speech pathology. AND if there was sun and beach I wouldn’t complain. That being said, I booked a flight from San Jose Costa Rica to San Diego California. One of my best friends moved to SD after college; I had visited her once during grad school and knew that place spoke to me. I hopped off the plane from Costa Rica and the next day borrowed my friend’s laptop, printer and interview clothes. With my resume printed and a friend of a friend’s knee length skirt, I drove around to hospitals armed with my resume, and quite literally walked through the front door asking for jobs. In hindsight this seems quite unorthodox and even a little brash, but hey, sometimes you quite literally just have to go for it. The first hospital I went to was Scripps Mercy in downtown San Diego; after explaining my situation to the nice lady at the front desk, she said, “I’m claiming this job for you! And HR is down the hall to the left!” I went to HR… for about 30 seconds. I then proceeded to wander around that hospital until I found the door marked ‘speech pathology’. With sweaty palms I opened the door and handed my resume to what would be my co-workers for the first 5 years of my career. The day after I turned up at their desks, one of their full time employees announced she was quitting. Their first phone call was to me, and I happily accepted the position. Part of my interview was completed in Spanish, and my graduate experience at Johns Hopkins was pivotal in their decision to hire me. Coincidences? I think not.

Sunset in San Diego

I cut my teeth as a clinical fellow (for 9 months) and then as a fully licensed speech language pathologist at the level 1 trauma center of Scripps Mercy Hospital, just across the border from Mexico. I spent the majority of my days treating Spanish speaking patients, with neurological (as well as many other) disorders. SLPs diagnose and treat a variety of things in the hospital setting- yes we look at a patient’s ability to talk and understand language, we also assess ability to eat and drink, general cognitive function, use of special devices for patients with tracheostomy tubes, and much more. We use radiographic and endoscopic camera tests to evaluate swallow function and determine whether someone will need a feeding tube or if they can eat. The job was perfect for me. If we are willing to take leaps of faith we will often find life is better than we could have imaged on the other side. What seems like disappointments, not what we expected, a delay or deviance is frequently just what we need to help us become our most fulfilled self.

After 5 years in San Diego I felt a bit stagnant in my career so that, along with a few other life changes lead me to take another leap. I quit my job without another one lined up, went to Maui for a week and then sold everything except what would fit in my car (literally had a massive yard sale). I packed up my dog, and my belongings and headed to Northern California. My intention was to working at a coffee shop or do floral arranging (a new hobby I picked up in SoCal).  I wanted a break from speech pathology. So I made my up north with a friend and her dog too, camping at Yosemite and stopping at a few other landmarks. My friend carried on across the country and I parked at the motel 8 in Roseville CA somewhere between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. I lived there for a week because they allowed dogs and had free breakfast. I spent hours on Craigslist searching for a place to live and a job- a non-speech pathology- job specifically. I went to random cutsie coffee shops asking for work but no one was hiring. I applied to be a short order cook at a camp but they didn’t want me. The floral arrangers were all set and didn’t need help. After a week of prayers and dead ends I finally landed a place to live and job….of all things, doing speech pathology. I literally saw the job, submitted my resume, and interviewed all in the same day. I started work the following day- there are perks to small town living! The beauty of this season in my life is that I was able to live very simply and only worked about 15 hours a week. I would not have been able to survive on 15 hours a week with a barista salary. The facility where I worked was very small and relaxed, I even brought my pup with me on many occasions- the patients loved her. The small nursing home was a welcomed downshift in terms of pace and acuity level. In my free time I was able to visit wine country, hang out with friends in oregon, San Fran, dip my toes in lake Tahoe and camp at mount Lassen. Despite my plans for coffee shop work, my job as a speech pathologist is really what allowed to me to live and enjoy that place. As I was leaving San Diego I could not have fathomed the story ahead of me, but in the end it was worth the leap.



My position ended there after about 4 months (their full time speech therapist came back from maternity leave), and I was on the road again! I headed to the East coast in the fall, home to ‘boring’ baltimore just in time for the too-long winter. Again with the pup in tow, and another willing friend, we made our way across the country.

My plan really was to do a couple month drive by in Baltimore, i.e., work there BRIEFLY before moving somewhere warmer and with a beach…. and less traffic. It’s nice to have plans, but if I’ve learned anything it’s that plans are really just nice ideas that seem feasible and good. They are not something to hold onto with a death grip, forcing them into action. Our singular human brain is falible and can only see and understand so much. There are other things at play in the world- other people, other energies, things bigger than me. That being said I ended up in Baltimore for 5 years- I still think the winters are too long but the city is far from boring or dull. I again was able to reconnect with family old friends, and this time create many NEW lifelong friendships and experience the culture of Baltimore as an adult. Professionally I ended up initially piecing together work at several pretty rough nursing homes, where I attempted to do my best work but found that environment stifling and unfulfilling. I ultimately applied to the University of Maryland Medical Center. This is the rival hospital of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and is home to the Shock Trauma Center, which boasts a 97% survival rate if admitted following a major traumatic accident. I sort of knew this but not fully when I applied….I just needed better work. My first several weeks there, I was entirely overwhelmed and intimidated by the size and scope of the place. I did not know what I was getting into, to put it mildly. Not only is there a world renown trauma center at UMMC, but it is also a tertiary care center that treats all medically complex patients from around the region. There are 800 hospital beds at the Univ of MD, and over half are for critically ill patients. This position made my brain explode. This was far beyond helping patients with strokes and pneumonia- I would frequently spend an hour combing through the patient’s chart before seeing them, googling acronyms and diagnoses I had never heard of. Speech pathologists were involved in not only helping patients after gunshot or stab wounds to the head, face or neck, but also assessing swallow function after double lung or heart transplants, patients with major reconstructive facial surgery to remove cancerous bones, portions or the whole tongue, teeth and head/neck/face tissue. I became very proficient at our diagnostic endoscopic swallowing assessments, increased my comfort level with tracheostomized individuals and generally critically ill patient population. During my time at UMMC I was able to share my skills by mentoring the speech fellow who had just finished her graduate training. Years at a place like University of Maryland will ware on you though. It’s a setting of high burn out, and the city despite it’s charms, is high in violent crime. I am thankful for my unplanned 5 year detour to baltimore, my clinical skills sky rocketed, and set me up to feel comfortable working in just about any other hospital in the country, should I choose to.

Baltimore Days

My next leap was to take a 3 month travel contract position in Hawaii. I was originally considering Arizona or Texas to tap back into my Spanish skills, but decided to also look a little further west. I Interviewed for 2 positions on Maui and one on Oahu – the Oahu one stuck. For me one of the greatest joys in life is adventure. I’ve always loved the culture and energy of Hawaii, not to mention the mountains, beaches and weather. My job at Kuakini hospital has been great. Since finishing my 3 month contract there, they offered me a permanent, part-time position which I readily accepted. Kuakini is a small community hospital founded by Japanese immigrants. It maintains a strong Japanese influence which has been another culturally eye opening experience. There is a strong sense of gratitude woven into the narrative of the Japanese patients I treat, as well as respect and acceptance of their station in life. So many of them gracefully age into their 90s with ease, and reflect on their years with appreciation and laughter. I am regularly inspired by them and hope to age with a fraction of that grace.



Speech language pathology is a career that has allowed me to move fluidly between states, facilities and people groups. I am grateful for the skills I have gained at each place I’ve worked, as well as for the human connections I’ve made, the places I’ve seen and the adventures I’ve had. I have many years ahead of me, and intend to hold my plans with an open palm. It’s the leaps, twists, turns and unexpected things that make life life and make us us. 

In my life I cannot consider work a dream come true, because I would have preferred to do something else where I could have put much more than the enthusiasm that I have in character; but this was not the case and in the end I transformed it by putting love and passion on what I do.

It all started at the age of 14, when still almost a child I wanted to continue my studies with a great project: to become an Italian teacher.

All my ideas were stopped by my father who, adamant in his ideas and perhaps also by the economic possibilities, forbade me to study and to cheer me up he gave me a new hemming machine.

Initially I was very sad to have to put away my desire; then slowly, committing myself as I always try to do, I learned to be a hemmer by putting all the passion I can to do it well.

After scrupulously learning the art of composing all the pieces that make up an upper (because this is the meaning of hemming machine), I found myself working in the upper section of a large shoe factory in which about 40 young girls, almost all of them of the same age, worked. A very pleasant atmosphere was immediately created and I established good friendships that still exist today.

Today I can say that they have been very good years, even if you worked for many hours.

Initially I carried out simple hemming jobs, but over time I specialized more and more and assigned me more and more important tasks, thus also growing professionally, until I got a career advancement becoming manager of the sample department (prototyping).

In the beginning I was a little apprehensive as it was a job of great responsibility, but in a short time I soon became good and expert.

It was a role that gave a lot of satisfaction, since I saw all the new shoe creations born under my hands, to which I always gave an extra touch to improve them together with the collaborators of the modeling department.

Then there was a stop because of the birth of my two daughters; so for several years I found myself at home doing the same type of work and with the same commitment but between baby food, diapers and various home tasks.

When the girls became girls, the owner of the company proposed to me to go back to work in the company.

At first I would not have accepted because I had managed to organize everything so well, reconciling work and family, that I was not so happy at the idea of ​​having to deprive myself of some freedoms in following the growth of my daughters; but he asked me so insistently and also offered me some concessions in the timetables, which I eventually gave up. I returned to the place where I had started my career and who had seen me as a child, then a girl until I was a woman and a mother.

I resumed the role of manager in the sample department but with a few more tasks: in addition to managing the execution of the various shoe models, I organized and distributed the work both within the company and to external collaborators and explained to them all the procedures and the processes to be performed. I had become the expert teacher of footwear.

My career continued like this until I reached my pension, between a lot of work but also many satisfactions. It was certainly not the job of my dreams but it has become it with love and passion in trying to always do the best. I am fully proud of myself in everything I have done because I have taught other people the craft of the hemmer and I have inherited all my notions concerning not only the world of footwear but also my personal experience as manager accumulated over the years .

I will not have been a teacher of Italian but I have trained figures specialized in the footwear sector and I have been a teacher of a thousand other things not less important.

I’m starting to write straight away, just tonight which is one of those evenings that, I don’t know why, lead you to cry all the tears you have, will it be the fault of this quarantine just over? Will it be the fault of the pre menstrual cycle? Coincidences sometimes make you understand many things … yes, because tonight Silvia asked me to talk about me on her blog, about my life, work and my person experiences … she would have wanted a story about Fashion and the difficulties that inevitably have to be faced if you want to work in that sector, but I replied that I completely changed my life a short time ago, and with her sunny and positive attitude she replied that it is a sign , that we must let everyone know how we can change our lives and reinvent ourselves at any time and at any age.


I met Silvia years ago for a friend in common in Rome, on a carefree and serene evening and we never got lost from there, Silvia observes deeply, she knows how to see all those nuances in the people that others don’t see … people with kindred souls choose each other, and the world is in dire need of beautiful souls, today more than ever.


I am Martina, I am 30 years old and what I have understood so far is that we must be happy, we must go to bed with our hearts in peace and wake up with the pride of putting all our efforts into what we do.

I graduated in Fashion and I did everything to work in this area, I tried many roles, I changed many cities, I learned English, but it was never enough, I was never the daughter or spouse of a famous or powerful one, I was not never qualified enough, I  never had the right amount of experience … people did everything to put a stick in my wheels, because in this world there is so much competition you know … and I every day became more and more sad, more empty, more unmotivated … so I decided to leave everything behind … I understood that if you insist on things, of whatever kind they are and they never take the right turn, maybe they simply aren’t the right things for you … it is useless to put one’s head on and damn one’s soul; so I decided to stop.


And suddenly the right way for me has come … now I work with young children, from 0 to 3 years old and often also with older ones.

I am taking another degree in pedagogy and on weekends I work in a beach resort, on the sand, with people … now I am happy … it was enough to understand it: it is never late to understand which way to go.

I hope that sooner or later it will happen to me the same with love, because so far it has been a bit like in my career path … I have always gone the wrong way and insisted where I shouldn’t have … also love I think it is ready to arrive after we stopped and especially after we first realized ourselves.


Freelancing is a word that makes me cringe. It’s associated with cheap labor, work on the side, finite hourly rates, a hobby for a little extra money, everything but a serious high-level professional career.


In my 13+ years of being in business for myself, I have assumed the role of entrepreneur, business owner, and consultant. I remember early on when another designer and business owner, a man, asked me how my freelancing was going. I strongly stated that my new business venture was off to a great start.


Especially for women, and even more so for mothers, we need to present at a rate of 200%, the forefront of our capability to move the needle, to generate profit and sought-after results for our clients. Positioning ourselves as highly valuable specialists is THE KEY in being compensated appropriately. As an Italian-American born and raised in the US, I had thought I was aware of the gender gap in business dealings and in pay, but it is nothing compared to the situation in Italy. Together as a highly capable 50% of our global society, we owe it to ourselves and our future generations to continue to rise up.


I began working on my own little by little and officially became an entrepreneur in 2008. Having worked on my own for such a long period of time, I’ve constantly learned, flexed, and changed.


These are some of my most important tips for working on your own:


  1. Have a designated work space.

I’ve run my business from a beautiful full extra bedroom turned office, a shelf in a closet, and the corner of a kitchen table. No matter how big or small, that was the place I’d go to mentally enter work mode.


  1. It’s okay to change where and how you work, and most likely it will change.

Many entrepreneurs experience the need to shift where they work—going through phases of several years in a home office to daily visits to a cafe to working from an actual brick and mortar office or co-working space. It’s important to be aware of your needs. As a mom of a young child, until the pandemic, I worked around the hours of preschool from my car, from cafes, from the school’s lobby—I maximize space and time wherever I can.


  1. You determine your work schedule.

I have gone through multiple periods of anxiety and trauma that led me to do some really deep work in finding ways to be mentally healthy while running a business, being a mom, and being me–an adult citizen of the world. A business strategist and mom shared this tip with me: It’s okay to NOT work every day. If you’re experiencing anxiety or going through personal struggles, change your schedule. You are your own boss, and you have 100% authority to define your schedule.

I know a designer who makes every Wednesday her “creative health day” designated for self-enrichment and creative projects that indirectly support her business.


As you’re building your schedule, it’s helpful to recognize that different tasks take different types of energy, and this varies from person to person. For example, I love getting on sales calls, and I naturally enter a kind of manic state while doing so. I don’t automatically come down when I hang up the phone. I used to try to make calls between design production, building strategies, and research, but just shifting from one type of energy to the other was mentally exhausting.

Since I am an executive, I made the executive decision to not do both on the same day or in the same block of time.


Also, as a mom, there are certain tasks I can do while my daughter is home/ awake and some that require extreme focus. Recognize what these are and plan accordingly.



  1. On and off

One of the hardest things about working at home is just that–always being at home. There is no explicit on and off. I create rituals for myself that help in creating this much-needed mental shift.


I get dressed in a way that makes me feel productive–comfortable clothes that elevate my mood and light makeup.


I know a web designer finishes work in her home office and spends 15 minutes lying down on her bed before going to cook dinner. For her, that transition is the key to feeling healthy.


  1. You can work on your own but don’t let yourself be completely alone

Something that changed the way I work is connecting with other professionals in my field, in my case, other creatives. I started taking online workshops in 2010 way before they were the norm, and I’m still in touch with numerous people I met there. We support each other in so many ways.


Connect with other professionals by taking courses, joining Facebook groups, and attend events whether online or in person. Working from home can feel incredibly isolating. Having a network of professionals in my field and in other disciplines, as well as other moms who are business owners has been my lifeblood.


  1. Shift your mindset around distractions

I generally list what I need to accomplish for the day choosing my top priority items and making my list intentionally short to set myself up for feeling accomplished—especially important as a busy mom. If I’m struggling to focus, I’ll use the pomodoro technique—set a timer for 30 minutes and illuminate all distractions—only work to accomplish the set task. Take breaks, go outside, stretch. Sure there are times when you need to push hard to meet a deadline, but that’s not everyday.

Something I hear a lot is, “Aren’t you distracted by messes/ things you want to do at home?” I don’t think about those things that way. I am 100% in charge of my time. After eating breakfast and getting myself ready for the day, I might put a load of laundry in the washing machine, grab a cup of coffee & a snack and get to work. Then before lunch, hang the laundry out to dry, eat while listening to a podcast or connecting with friends before getting back to work. The point is, all of these things are elements of my life, and they all need to get done.


A colleague of mine who’s a mom of 3 and runs a successful business talks about outsourcing for her business focusing first on things in her personal life—cooking & cleaning are outsourced prior to hiring an assistant. Although at first it sounded like a luxury, the more I thought about it, this makes total sense. Managing a team takes a lot of energy but removing things from your list of to dos like cooking and cleaning only makes you feel more accomplished and thus more mentally available for yourself, your family, and your work. In my case, cooking is creatively therapeutic while preschool/ childcare is my most vital outsourced item.


  1. Set boundaries with clients

An incredibly common complaint of solo entrepreneurs is that they have clients texting them on the weekends and late at night. If you set boundaries, this will not be an issue.


You are a business. Establish business hours and protocols. If you respond in the middle of the night, you will be expected to continue to do so, and they will continue to cross this boundary. When I was living in Japan, all my clients were in the US and Europe. I let them know the hours I was available and used Calendly (a free scheduling tool that shows in the viewers time zone) to allow people to request calls during designated times.


I have NEVER given out my phone number and in 12+ years, that has never been an issue because that is the protocol and expectation I establish.



  1. Real life happens, and you need to be ready for it.

When I became pregnant with my daughter, I never shared this news with any of my clients. I was convinced that I would be thought of as less capable and that my baby would be blamed for me not delivering on time. These were all beliefs I’d manifested on my own. I’ve worked through this and still struggle with having doing the dance (I don’t believe in balance) between being a parent and a professional, but I have systems in place that help. I allow more time in my schedule than I think I need, and I make sure to understand my clients’ true needs with deadlines to know what buffers are possible should I need to push out a deadline.


Taking time off is your right. I know a solo entrepreneur who closes from November-January every year. I know others who work 4 days a week. Define what is best for you, and remember that can change.



  1. Always protect yourself.

When money is involved, things get strange when you least expect it. The best shift Ive made in my business is on my schedules for payments. Starting out, I would request 50% to start and 50% when I sent the final deliverables. The problem was, I constantly had clients delay for one reason or another which meant my cash flow was interrupted. I switched to have 2 options: 1-pay in full 2-calendar-based installments (50% to start, 25% after 21 days, 25% after 40 days) Surprisingly, most prefer to pay in full and be done with it.



My story


My name is Jaime Di Dio. I’m an Italian-American of Sicilian origin born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I studied Interior Architectural Design at California State University Long Beach and spent one semester in Florence, Italy. After graduating in 2005, I immediately moved to Tokyo, Japan and began teaching English while taking on graphic design projects and studying with an established Japanese designer.


I moved back to California in 2008. Not able to get a job in interiors, I co-founded a graphic design studio. We had no clients, so I went to the local city hall, found out what upcoming events were on the calendar, and volunteered my services to brand the city’s environment day fair. Every business contact I have today can be traced back to that single event. I started with the tagline, “If you need it, we can do it,” and quickly evolved to become a specialist as a brand strategist and creative director for wellness and socially conscious businesses. (If you follow me on Instagram @jaimedidio , you’ll see that I’m a major proponent of specializing as a direct result of my own experience.)


I held the position of instructor at University of California San Diego and served on the board of directors of multiple community organizations in addition to fully producing and consulting on multiple city events.


When my daughter was born in 2016, I took no maternity leave. I was in the hospital being induced, sitting on a yoga ball, and writing emails. I do not recommend this and would not do it again.


We returned to Japan when my daughter was 3 months old. I continued to run my business working with clients in the US & EU during the hours of 3:30am-7:00am and during nap time. This led to a complete burn out, and I was unable to work for 3 months. We moved to Hawaii in 2018.


I continued with the same work schedule sometimes shifting to evening to accommodate my EU accounts. I burnt out two more times and finally got the support I had long been asking for through enrollment in preschool for my daughter. Acupuncture, reiki, meditation and working with a life and business architect have been monumental in recovering from burnout and navigating a path to the personal and professional life I desire.


I’m currently an independent parent living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am raising my daughter trilingually—English, Italian, and Japanese. She also shows interest in Spanish and French. With family and friends on almost every continent, I consider her to be truly a citizen of the world. We are pausing on physical travel for the time being, but I have every intention of continuing to live in a multicultural atmosphere which will take us to our next location(s).


You can find me on Instagram @jaimedidio and on my website

Where and when everything started..

I was born from a poor family in a village on the outskirts of the city of Rome; a harsh environment, which from the early years made me understand that life would be tough for me.

Abuses were on the agenda, and my mother for fear of a street so reluctant towards two children who had never seen the shadow of dangers locked us in the house; so I never left the four walls of my room..

We had to do something so we watched tons of movies. I was lucky enough to grow up among the years 80 and 90 and unlike the other children I looked at things bigger than me: at 10 I knew directors like Coppola, I filled the afternoons with Neapolitan comedies and all that Hollywood cinema that characterized the era.

Growing up I understood that what I lived in a time that was not mine; I listened to Elvis, the Beatles, bob Dylan; I watched the cinema from the 70s and 80s and I was alone … even among the other children, they did not understand what I was talking about …

All that time being alone, at home, among people, developed my instinct to escape; escape from that village, from the walls of my room..

I imagined.. I made stories with the head of which I was the protagonist …

I still didn’t know what my way was: at 20 years old I suffered from anorexia and Bulimia… the darkest, lowest, toughest period I have ever lived.

As children we were poor yes, but being starving because you are not well with yourself, because you don’t accept what you are is different …

I refused any kind of help; I also challenged my Italian teacher, he wanted to send me to the psychologist and I refused: “I know that the problem is in my head; and in my head there would be the solution. I am the only one who can enter it” this was my answer, I harassed myself until the end of our school life for this.

I remember for eight months I never left the house, during the day I slept, at night I was awake, I ate and I rejected food in the toilet for hours … until the umpteenth dawn..

The weight dropped dramatically, at the end I weighed 60 kilograms; sometimes I found myself talking alone in the dark; crying for no reason… I didn’t see why I should still be there .. I didn’t see prospects, I could no longer to i imagine .. that thing that had taken me away from those walls for almost all my life seemed to have vanished …

If there is one thing I have always had with me is that I don’t give up; my grandmother was like that: just when the barter it was getting darker, one night while I vomited the usual food and choked my soul, I turned on the small TV in the kitchen: I don’t know why I did it … it was a very small black and white TV.. there was a special show about first Rocky.

I was struck by the fact that one who came from the infamous neighborhoods of new York, with a paralysis to the face and not good-looking had made it; against everything and everyone; a voice in the mind said: “this is what you must do: the actor!”

It was two in the morning I turned off the television; the next morning at 5:30 I left the house without warning anyone, after eight months of isolation; my mother called me after an hour worried something had happened .. that I had done something … instead I replied: “I’m going to school; I think it’s over.. today I’m not going back for lunch, I’m going to see the school theater courses .. and I would like to enroll in the gym..”

The problem was in my mind.. and my mind solved it … the theater, that movie saved the my life.


When I left high school, I already had a lot of little scars on my face.

At the academy I was dodged by my classmates cause I didn’t look like the actor they were used to.

I always thought that the search for perfection leads you to solitude for a certain period; I was used to it; it was like I was in my room as a child … my appearance did not border on that of the actor par excellence.

Because of my muscles, my physicality, many directors didn’t even let me audition; the first great lesson I received was just this: “make this your strength.. they believe that you are all here; they are underestimating you, it will be more funny to show them your light.. find the way!”

We did not have the money to pay for the academy and I had to leave: my teacher insisted a lot to make me stay but I could not .. the last time I saw my class a phrase came out of nowhere in my mind and it is still there: “nobody  taught Picasso to paint; so if there something special in me, it will come out” so.. not give up!

I worked, I transported furniture and meanwhile I studied, I bought books, I practiced, I did auditions, began to work with those who knew about the theater, with professionals; among them I never spoke, I listened to them, I studied them, how they moved, why they did it …

I studied philosophy; philosophy helped me a lot to grow as an actor, in the end he started to make me known, I started to produce small shows.

Now what I played were not my lyrics but donor texts already famous and known for at least 200 years: authors such as feydeau, and people came but seemed listless; “why don’t you take this tract?” I asked myself; I wrote for the cinema but not for the theater; “staged in front of 200 people and hear their judgment” this was my thought.

Now one thing happened: a show I was the protagonist and producer made a crazy flop; the audience had not welcomed the show well, and I lost almost 3000 euros.

I had a small son and a modest salary the blow was huge; I wanted to leave … my partner said to me: “if you want to leave it ok… but will you be able to live with the thing that you have never played the stories you have always been writing? Can you do it every day?”; and then if I had to leave I had to do it in a big way “you do it big or you don’t do it at all ”

I wrote a comedy, I presented myself at the Cassia Theater that was preparing the playbill for the new season; while I was in the waiting room I listened to the artistic director who spoke with the other directors: “this will never take me seriously” I thought, when I entered he looked into my eyes: “who are you?” he asked me, I answered: “Fabrizio Nalli” and he: “never heard”..

I had started very bad and then he told me that the auditions for the new faces were closed; I replied: “I am here to present a show”, he asked who was the author, I replied that it was me; he asked me who was the director; I replied that it was me; he asked me who was part of the cast; I replied that in the cast I was there too, then he asked me: “How old are you?” and I: “27”; he said that I was too young as an author: “maybe that’s why you shouldn’t send me away” I replied then I convinced him to read the text.

I waited an hour outside the office, I heard his laughter from outside; when I came back he filled me with compliments on my way of writing, but he told me that there was no room for new authors and that to enter the playbill, at least 150 tickets sold had to be guaranteed to the theater; I said I got them; the artistic director told me that I had two days; if I had brought the sum of the 150 tickets I would have entered the playbill …

I bought 150 tickets with the only savings I had … I threw up from the beginning to the end, I was tense I didn’t have my audience, I had to create it, and I had to sell at least the 150 tickets that I had bought.

I did a good advertising campaign and at the end of the evening of the first in the Hall there were 360 ​​people … so many!! nobody believed I could do it; after 5 minutes I felt the audience laughing at rips throat; an actress behind the scenes turned and said to me: “Fabri they are all laughing and enjoying!!” I did it ..

The artistic director said he had not seen the theater so full for years; I exploded the Cassia Theater; I trusted them and wrote 10 more comedies & horror ..

Today I have my company, I feel at home at the Theater of the Heroes and travel among the professionals of the sector.

The road is still long.. I continue my studies as a self-taught, but the best thing about this trip is the certainty of truth; art is this; and each individual is unique..

The message of each of us singular and universal..

Imagination is the will of the gods, nature the heart of human beings..

If there is something in us it is, whether it is theater, that it is cinema or whatever other form our being can be expressed, we must let nature take its course; I learned to speak like this thanks to this journey that theater is …

Favorite Actors

If I had to say the best of the past I really liked Robert De Niro; the hero of Hollywood; when Hollywood went down for the action movies he and Coppola maintained a cinematographic tradition of great masterpieces.

But if I have to pick the bests to say, I would choose the most tenacious … all those like me .. famous but who continue to inspire others and themselves … to succeed in this world is not easy … but it was harder to stay behind four walls imagining what reality was …

When I’m up there I cry to the world of my curse .. and how much I love it …

This year I will stage “And if … once upon a time” a comedy written, directed and interpreted by me (as usual) and I will fulfill my dream again….


Dove e Come tutto è cominciato: Sono nato da una famiglia povera in una borgata ai confini della città di Roma; un ambiente duro, che fin dai primi anni mi fece capire che non mi voleva; i soprusi erano all’ordine del giorno, e mia madre per paura di una strada così riluttante nei confronti di due bambini che mai avevano visto l’ombra della strada ci rinchiuse in casa; mai usciti dalle quattro mura della nostra stanza.. dovevamo pur fare qualcosa e guardavamo film; ho avuto la fortuna di crescere a cavallo tra gli anni 80 e 90, al contrario degli altri bambini guardavo cose più grandi di me; a 10 anni conoscevo registi come Coppola, riempivo i pomeriggi con le commedie napoletane d’autore e tutto quel cinema di Hollywood che caratterizzava l’epoca..

Crescendo capii che quello che vivevo un tempo che non era il mio; ascoltavo Elvis, i Beatles, bob Dylan; guardavo il cinema anni 70/80 ed ero solo… anche in mezzo agli altri bambini, loro non capivano di cosa io parlassi… tutto quello stare solo, a casa, tra le persone, sviluppò il mio istinto ad evadere; evadere da quella borgata, dalle mura della mia stanza.. immaginavo.. creavo storie con la testa di cui ero il protagonista…

Il teatro: oramai adolescente ancora non sapevo quale fosse la mia strada, a 20 anni soffrii di anoressia e bulimia.. il periodo più buio, più basso, più cupo che abbia mai passato. Da piccoli eravamo poveri si, ma la fame perché non stai bene con te stesso, perché non accetti ciò che sei è diversa…rifiutavo ogni tipo di aiuto; mi misi contro anche la mia docente di italiano, voleva mandarmi dallo psicologo e mi rifiutai: “so che il problema è nella mia testa; e nella mia testa posso entrarci solo io” questa fu la mia risposta. Mi ha tartassato fino alla fine della nostra convivenza scolastica per questo motivo; ricordo per otto mesi non uscii mai di casa, di giorno dormivo, la notte stavo sveglio, mangiavo e rigettavo il cibo nel water per ore… fino all’ennesima alba.. il peso scendeva vertiginosamente, alla fine pesavo 60 chilogrammi, alle volte mi trovavo a parlare da solo al buio; piangere senza motivo… non vedevo il motivo per cui avrei dovuto ancora esserci.. non vedevo prospettive, non riuscivo più ad immaginare.. quella cosa che mi aveva portato via da quelle mura per quasi tutta la vita sembrava svanita…

Se c’è una cosa che ho sempre avuto con me è che io non mollo; mia nonna era cosi; proprio quando il baratro si faceva sempre più buio, una notte mentre vomitavo i soliti cibi e strozzavo l’anima, accesi il piccolo televisore della cucina.. non so’ perché lo feci…era un piccolissimo televisore in bianco e nero.. c’era uno speciale parlavano del primo Rocky; mi colpì il fatto che uno che veniva dai quartieri malfamati di New York, con una paralisi alla faccia e non di bell’aspetto ce l’avesse fatta; contro tutto e tutti.

Una voce nella mente mi disse: “questo devi fare, l’attore!”.

Erano le due di notte spensi il televisore; la mattina dopo alle 5:30 uscii di casa senza avvisare nessuno, dopo otto mesi di isolamento; mia madre mi chiamò dopo un’ora preoccupata fosse successo qualcosa.. che avessi fatto qualcosa… invece risposi: “sto andando a scuola; credo sia finita, sia finita per sempre.. oggi non torno per pranzo, vado a vedere i corsi teatrali della scuola.. e vorrei iscrivermi in palestra..” il problema era nella mia mente.. e la mia mente lo risolse… il teatro, quel film hanno salvato la mia vita.


Uscito dal liceo avevo all’attivo già molti spettacoli; all’accademia venivo scansato dai miei compagni, non avevo l’aspetto dell’attore a cui erano abituati… il mio aspetto non rasentava quello dell’attore per eccellenza; per via dei miei muscoli, della mia fisicità, molti registi neanche mi facevamo fare il provino; la prima grande lezione che ricevetti fu proprio questa: “fai di questo la tua forza.. loro credono che tu sia tutto qui; ti stanno sottovalutando, sarà più facile far vedere loro la tua luce.. trova il modo”

Non avevamo i soldi per pagare l’accademia e dovetti lasciare: la mia insegnante insistette tanto per farmi restare ma non potevo.. l’ultima volta che vidi la mia classe una frase uscì dal nulla nella mia mente e ancora è li: “nessuno ha insegnato a Picasso a dipingere; se c’è qualcosa uscirà fuori”

Quindi non mollai! Lavoravo, trasportavo mobili e intanto studiavo, compravo libri, mi esercitavo, facevo provini.

Iniziai a lavorare con chi di teatro ne sapeva, con professionisti, con loro non parlavo mai, li ascoltavo, li studiavo, come si muovevano, il perché lo facevano.. studiavo filosofia; la filosofia mi aiutò molto a crescere come attore.

Così iniziai a farmi conoscere, iniziai a produrre piccoli spettacoli; quello che producevo non erano testi miei ma testi donatori che il teatro già conosce da almeno 200 anni: autori come Feydeau. Le persone venivano ma sembravano svogliate. “Questo teatro perché non li prende?” mi chiedevo; io scrivevo per il cinema ma non per il teatro; “meglio farsi rifiutare un testo al cinema che portarlo in scena di fronte a 200 persone e sentire il loro giudizio” questo era il mio pensiero; poi successe una cosa: uno spettacolo di cui ero protagonista e produttore fece un flop pazzesco; il pubblico non aveva accolto bene lo spettacolo, e io ci rimisi quasi 3000 euro.

Avevo un figlio piccolo e uno stipendio modesto: la botta fu enorme; volevo lasciare…la mia compagna mi disse: “se vuoi lasciare fallo…ma riuscirai a vivere con la cosa che non le hai mai scritte tu le storie che porti in scena? quando sei abituato a scrivere tutti i giorni..” e allora se dovevo lasciare dovevo farlo in grande stile:  “la fai grossa o non la fai per niente”.

Scrissi una commedia, mi presentai al Teatro Cassia che stava allestendo il cartellone per la nuova stagione; mentre aspettavo nella sala d’attesa ascoltavo il direttore artistico che parlava con gli altri registi: ”questo non mi prenderà mai sul serio” pensavo, quando entrai mi guardò negli occhi: ”lei è?” mi chiese, io risposi: ”Fabrizio Nalli” e lui: “mai sentito” (mmm cominciavamo bene); mi disse che i provini per i nuovi volti erano chiusi, io risposi: ”sono qui  per presentare uno spettacolo”; mi chiese l’autore, risposi che ero io; mi chiese la regia, risposi che ero io; mi chiese chi facesse parte del cast, risposi che nel cast c’ero anche io; poi mi chiese: ”quanti anni ha?” e io: ”27”; lui disse che ero troppo giovane come autore: “forse per questo non dovrebbe mandarmi via” risposi; allora lo convinsi a leggere il testo.

Ho aspettato un’ora fuori dall’ufficio sentivo le sue risate da fuori; quando rientrai mi riempì di complimenti sul mio modo di scrivere, ma mi disse che non c’era spazio per nuovi autori e che per entrare nel cartellone bisognava assicurare al teatro almeno 150 posti; io dissi di avere 150 biglietti già venduti; il direttore artistico mi disse che avevo due giorni; se avessi portato la somma dei 150 biglietti sarei entrato in cartellone… comprai 150 biglietti con gli unici risparmi che avevo…

Rischiai dall’inizio alla fine, ero teso, non avevo un mio pubblico, dovevo crearmelo, e dovevo vendere almeno i 150 biglietti che avevo comprato io.

Feci una buona campagna pubblicitaria e alla fine alla sera della prima in Sala c’erano 360 persone.. nessuno credeva potessi farcela; dopo 5 minuti sentivo il pubblico ridere a squarciagola; un’attrice dietro le quinte si voltò e mi disse: “ma stanno ridendo Fabri”!

Ce l’avevo fatta.. contro tutto e tutti! alla fine fu plateale: il direttore artistico disse di non aver visto il teatro così pieno da anni; il Teatro Cassia esplodeva di gente, ma soprattutto di gente rideva.

Da li presi fiducia e scrissi altre 10 commedie e un horror.

Oggi ho la mia compagnia, sono di casa al Teatro degli Eroi e viaggio tra i professionisti del settore; la strada è ancora lunga.. continuo la mia fase di studio da autodidatta, ma la cosa più bella di questo viaggio è la certezza della verità; l’arte è questo; ed ogni individuo è unico..

Il messaggio di ognuno di noi singolare ed universale..

L’immaginazione è la volontà degli dei, la natura il cuore degli esseri umani..

Se qualcosa in noi c’è, che sia teatro, che sia cinema o una qualunque altra forma, il nostro essere si possa esprimere, bisogna lasciar fare il proprio corso alla natura.

Ho imparato a parlare così grazie a questo viaggio che il teatro è..

Attori preferiti:

Se dovessi dire il migliore del passato, mi piaceva molto Robert De Niro; l’eroe di Hollywood.

Quando Hollywood si scendeva per i film di azione lui e Coppola mantennero una tradizione cinematografica di grandi capolavori.

Ma se dovessi scegliere l’attore più tenace, allora nominerei tutti quelli come me: che non sono famosi ma continuano ad ispirare ed ispirarsi.

Sbracciare in questo mondo non è semplice… ma era più dura starsene dietro quattro mura immaginando cosa fosse la realtà… quando sono lì sopra grido al mondo della mia maledizione.. e di quanto la amo…

Quest’anno porterò in scena “E se.. c’era una volta”: una commedia scritta, diretta ed interpretata da me (come al solito) e coronerò di nuovo il mio sogno….



Why this time the title of the post is “only” a name? Here is the reason for my choice: Olga has always made me evoke the idea of a strong, tough woman and my Spanish teacher at the Bachelor’s Degree with her name and personality has strengthened this combination in me. And then Vittoria, yes Vittoria, because you will read it: she never gave up, she remained sweet, positive and proactive despite the difficulties. She always inspires something new, something pushy. That’s why Vittoria represents her very well!

“When Silvia asked me to send her a few lines about my experience as a freelance, I instinctively replied that I did not really feel a full freelance: My  working life basically isn’t exemplary and in fact I did not think it could be interesting for others.

But Silvia perhaps knows better than myself some details, perhaps talents, or in any case my particularities and she insisted that I tell a little about myself.

So … I introduce myself: I am Olga, I live in Rome and by choice I graduated in Literature and I looked for an independent working life. For 11 years I have held all possible job positions in a mini publishing house and graphic studio that I founded together with my boyfriend of the time. Great satisfaction for the quality of our proposals, so much attention from the press, many customers, in short, my job loved me and I loved him so much.

However, a drastic change of life (divorce!) Forced me to choose to give up my shares to my now ex and invent a new life.

Italy does not offer many opportunities, it is well known and I was left without a stable job, at 41 years old and with my work experience done almost entirely on my own.

At some point, perhaps by chance, I started teaching English. I never thought I was good. Instead I am! Indeed, it seems, I convey my knowledge in such a convincing way (perhaps I am the last to be convinced of it !!), that in the last period I am dedicating myself to training to teach even more: Pilates.

I am now 51 years old, although I insist on feeling like 27. I have many passions, an immense dose of optimism (perhaps due to the fact that I found myself facing and overcoming an important health problem, of those which do not let you get up from the hospital bed anymore ), a sense of joy and gratitude to the world, people, beautiful things, my family. I believe this is what Silvia sees in me.

A total openness to life, which takes you where she wants and of which you must welcome everything with curiosity.

A dose of considerable unconsciousness and sometimes the fear of not having a certain future becomes great, but what can I do, if not continue to see the glass half full?

After thirty years we are what we want to be. I mean, as people. Then, of course, I think I would have liked to continue to have my own small publishing house, but I met many wonderful people, teaching.

My life, in the end, is richer and more lively like this.

Never give up!”

NDR Do you agree with me on the choice of the title after reading her words?? ?

Perché stavolta il titolo del post è “solamente” il suo nome? Ecco il perché della mia scelta: Olga mi ha sempre fatto evocare l’idea di una donna forte, tosta e la mia Professoressa di Spagnolo alla Laurea Triennale con il suo nome e personalità ha rafforzato questo binomio in me. E poi Vittoria, sì Vittoria, perché lo leggerete: lei non si è mai arresa, lei è rimasta dolce, positiva e propositiva nonostante le difficoltà. Lei ispira sempre qualcosa di nuovo, qualcosa di più. Ecco perché Vittoria la rappresenta benissimo!

“Quando Silvia mi ha proposto di mandarle alcune righe sulla mia esperienza come free lance, le ho istintivamente risposto che non mi sentivo di rientrare nel target. Che la mia vita lavorativa in fondo non la consideravo esemplare e che di fatto non credevo potesse essere interessante per altri.

Ma Silvia forse sa vedere meglio della sottoscritta alcuni dettagli, forse talenti, o comunque mie particolarità e ha insistito che raccontassi un po’ di me.

Quindi… mi presento, sono Olga, vivo a Roma e per scelta mi sono laureata in Lettere e ho cercato una vita lavorativa indipendente. Per 11 anni ho ricoperto tutte le posizioni lavorative possibili in una mini casa editrice e studio grafico che ho fondato insieme al mio fidanzato dell’epoca. Grandi soddisfazioni per la qualità delle nostre proposte, tanta attenzione da parte della stampa, molti clienti, insomma, il mio lavoro mi amava e io amavo tanto lui.

Un drastico cambio di vita (il divorzio!) mi ha però costretta a scegliere di cedere le mie quote al mio ormai ex e inventarmi una nuova vita.

L’Italia non dà molte opportunità, è risaputo e io sono rimasta senza un lavoro stabile, a 41 anni e con la mia esperienza lavorativa fatta quasi interamente in proprio.

A un certo punto, forse per caso, ho iniziato a insegnare inglese. Mai avrei creduto di essere brava. E invece lo sono. Anzi, trasmetto, pare, le mie conoscenze in modo talmente convincente (forse sono l’ultima a esserne convinta!!), che nell’ultimo periodo mi sto dedicando alla formazione per insegnare anche altro: il Pilates.

Ho ormai 51 anni suonati, nonostante insista a sentirmene 27. Ho tante passioni, una immensa dose di ottimismo (forse dovuta al fatto di essermi trovata ad affrontare e superare un problema di salute importante, di quelli che non ti rialzi più dal letto di ospedale), un senso di gioia e gratitudine verso il mondo, le persone, le cose belle, la mia famiglia. Credo che questo sia quello che vede Silvia in me.

Un’apertura totale alla vita, che ti porta dove vuole lei e di cui devi accogliere ogni cosa con curiosità.

Una dose di incoscienza notevole e a volte la paura di non avere un futuro certo si fa grande, ma cosa ci posso fare, se non continuare a vedere il bicchiere mezzo pieno?

Dopo i trent’anni siamo quello che vogliamo essere. Intendo, come persone. Poi, certo, credo che avrei voluto continuare ad avere la mia piccola casa editrice, ma ho incontrato tante persone splendide, insegnando.

La mia vita, alla fine, è più ricca e vivace così.

Never give up!”


NDR Convieni con me sulla scelta del titolo dopo aver letto le sue parole?? ?


Pourquoi cette fois le titre de la publication n’est “que” son nom? Voici la raison de mon choix: Olga m’a toujours fait évoquer l’idée d’une femme forte et coriace et mon professeur d’espagnol au baccalauréat avec son nom et sa personnalité a renforcé cette combinaison en moi. Et puis Vittoria, oui Vittoria, parce que vous le lirez: elle n’a jamais abandonné, elle est restée douce, positive et proactive malgré les difficultés. Elle inspire toujours quelque chose de nouveau, quelque chose de plus. C’est pourquoi Vittoria la représente très bien!

“Lorsque Silvia m’a demandé de lui envoyer quelques lignes sur mon expérience en tant que freelance, j’ai répondu instinctivement que je n’avais pas envie de revenir à la cible. Que je ne considérais pas ma vie professionnelle comme exemplaire et qu’en fait je ne pensais pas que cela pouvait être intéressant pour les autres.

Mais Silvia connaît peut-être mieux que moi quelques détails, peut-être des talents, ou en tout cas mes particularités et a insisté pour que je parle un peu de moi.

Alors … je me présente, je suis Olga, j’habite à Rome et par choix je suis diplômé en littérature et je cherchais une vie professionnelle indépendante. Pendant 11 ans, j’ai occupé tous les postes possibles dans une mini maison d’édition et un studio graphique que j’ai fondé avec mon petit ami de l’époque. Grande satisfaction pour la qualité de nos propositions, beaucoup d’attention de la presse, de nombreux clients, bref mon métier m’a aimé et je l’aimais tellement.

Cependant, un changement radical de vie (divorce!) M’a forcé à choisir de vendre mes actions à mon ex maintenant et d’inventer une nouvelle vie.

L’Italie ne donne pas beaucoup d’opportunités, c’est bien connu et je me suis retrouvé sans emploi stable, à 41 ans et avec une expérience de travail presque entièrement réalisée par vous-même.

À un moment donné, peut-être par hasard, j’ai commencé à enseigner l’anglais. Je n’ai jamais pensé que j’étais bon. Au contraire, ils le sont. En effet, il me semble, je transmets mes connaissances de manière si convaincante (peut-être suis-je le dernier à en être convaincu !!), que dans la dernière période je me consacre à une formation pour enseigner encore plus: le Pilates.

J’ai maintenant 51 ans, bien que j’insiste pour en entendre 27. J’ai beaucoup de passions, une immense dose d’optimisme (peut-être dû au fait que je me suis retrouvé confronté et surmonté un problème de santé important, de ceux qui ne se lèvent plus du lit d’hôpital) ), un sentiment de joie et de gratitude envers le monde, les gens, les belles choses, ma famille. Je crois que c’est ce que Silvia voit en moi.

Une ouverture totale à la vie, qui vous emmène où elle veut et dont vous devez tout accueillir avec curiosité.

Une dose d’inconscience considérable et parfois la peur de ne pas avoir un certain avenir devient grande, mais que puis-je faire, sinon continuer à voir le verre à moitié plein?

Après trente ans, nous sommes ce que nous voulons être. Je veux dire, en tant que personnes. Ensuite, bien sûr, je pense que j’aurais aimé continuer d’avoir ma propre petite maison d’édition, mais j’ai rencontré beaucoup de gens merveilleux, enseignant.

Au final, ma vie est plus riche et plus vivante comme ça.

N’abandonnez jamais!”

NDR Êtes-vous d’accord avec moi sur le choix du titre après avoir lu ses mots ?? ?

¿Por qué esta vez el título de la publicación es “solo” su nombre? Aquí está la razón de mi elección: Olga siempre me ha hecho evocar la idea de una mujer fuerte y dura y mi profesora de español en la licenciatura con su nombre y personalidad ha fortalecido esta combinación en mí. Y luego Vittoria, sí Vittoria, porque lo leerás: ella nunca se rindió, se mantuvo dulce, positiva y proactiva a pesar de las dificultades. Ella siempre inspira algo nuevo, algo más. ¡Por eso Vittoria la representa muy bien!

“Cuando Silvia me pidió que le enviara algunas líneas sobre mi experiencia como freelance, instintivamente respondí que no tenía ganas de volver al objetivo. Que mi vida laboral básicamente no lo consideraba ejemplar y que, de hecho, no pensaba que pudiera ser interesante para otros.

Pero Silvia quizás conoce mejor que yo algunos detalles, tal vez talentos, o en cualquier caso mis particularidades, e insistió en que le contara un poco sobre mí.

Entonces … me presento, soy Olga, vivo en Roma y por elección me gradué en Literatura y busqué una vida laboral independiente. Durante 11 años he ocupado todos los puestos de trabajo posibles en una mini editorial y estudio gráfico que fundé junto con mi novio de la época. Gran satisfacción por la calidad de nuestras propuestas, tanta atención por parte de la prensa, muchos clientes, en resumen, mi trabajo me quiso y lo quise mucho.

Sin embargo, un cambio drástico de vida (¡divorcio!) Me obligó a elegir renunciar a mis acciones a mi ahora ex e inventar una nueva vida.

Italia no da muchas oportunidades, es bien sabido y me quedé sin un trabajo estable, a los 41 años y con mi experiencia laboral casi por completo solo.

En algún momento, quizás por casualidad, comencé a enseñar inglés. Nunca pensé que era bueno. En cambio lo son. De hecho, parece que transmito mis conocimientos de una manera tan convincente (¡tal vez soy el último en estar convencido de ello!), Que en el último período me dedico a entrenar para enseñar aún más: Pilates.

Ahora tengo 51 años, aunque insisto en escuchar 27. Tengo muchas pasiones, una inmensa dosis de optimismo (quizás debido al hecho de que me encontré enfrentando y superando un importante problema de salud, de aquellos que ya no se levantan de la cama del hospital ), una sensación de alegría y gratitud hacia el mundo, las personas, las cosas bellas, mi familia. Creo que esto es lo que Silvia ve en mí.

Una apertura total a la vida, que te lleva a donde ella quiere y de la que debes acoger todo con curiosidad.

Una dosis de considerable inconsciencia y, a veces, el miedo a no tener un futuro determinado se vuelve grande, pero ¿qué puedo hacer si no sigo viendo el vaso medio lleno?

Después de treinta años somos lo que queremos ser. Quiero decir, como personas. Entonces, por supuesto, creo que me hubiera gustado seguir teniendo mi propia pequeña editorial, pero conocí a muchas personas maravillosas que enseñaban.

Al final, mi vida es más rica y más viva como esta.

¡Nunca te rindas!”

NDR ¿Estás de acuerdo conmigo en la elección del título después de leer sus palabras? ?


Good morning Silvia,

I’m glad to tell you my story …

I have known the world of work since I was 11 on construction sites with my father at his small construction company. During this adventure while my schoolmates went to the beach during the summer holidays, I “helped” my father by earning a mini salary which allowed me to buy my first moped with my own money.

Then I started to work as a bartender and at the same time as a waiter since I was 16 years old and I arrived to buy my first car again on my own. (Great satisfaction)

At the age of 18 I entered the SDA Corriere espresso (courier company) where I started seeing several new realities and I started meeting the first business Men … after the SDA I went to the DHL express courier and then I had an opportunity .. the famous “train” that many talk about. I assure you that there are many trains in life and the important thing is to take as many as possible …

To become an entrepreneur or start an entrepreneur’s journey you must have clear objectives … what you want to be … What you want to do … What you want to have … E How long do you want to have it … You have to be ambitious … believe in yourself … take ideas from other successful entrepreneurs..

Ask yourself: how did they do it? What can I do to be like them?

Research, deepen curiosity, try to imitate such characters … … Knowledge is Power … When you have your goals clear at that point the most important thing is THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS … Attention for success; you do not intend to have a millionaire checking account … but to achieve your goal Whatever it is …

But now let’s go backward to my first success and “train opportunity”: If there is one thing that allows you to open infinite doors in life, it is your seriousness, sincerity and correctness towards others.

I opened my first company in February 2011 (at the age of 24) in Rome: A small pizzeria of about 100 square meters called American Pizza (this to demonstrate my infinite love for America) which you know well because you were a customer of mine … I bought it by paying it in installments to the owner … I sold a car I had for € 15,000 and with this macro capital and a handshake I managed to take it … The owner knew me and knew that I cared about the word given and if I could not pay anymore I would have given it back to him, losing what I had invested. He accepted so I started the pizzeria.

After 2 years of activity in 2013 I needed new incitements and I opened my first car showroom in Rome … I must say that both companies kept me very busy but at the same time they satisfied me a lot …

Then I met some entrepreneurs who opened a world to me: I started my new entrepreneurial career as a Business Consultant on the market despite the strong economic crisis still present today ..

I opened the Pizzeria in the morning … then I ran to open the car showroom and then made the round of appointments with my new customers as a business consultant. Obviously shortly thereafter, time to understand that this new business of mine needed more effort, I sold the pizzeria and the car showroom …

With this new activity I have continued to meet many other great entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants And I must tell you that from each of them I learned something … that something that came back to me very useful in work and in life in general … from everyone you can learn something, even from a child. You should never take anything for granted …

So since 2016 I have been offering my advice to about 70 entrepreneurs, I dedicate myself to construction, I opened a bar near the Vatican City and I own a car rental company

… I live with incitemenrs, I am not a person who is satisfied and that’s it

All the goals I have achieved are also thanks to the collaborators I have close…

Now My next big goal is to move to the United States … And start new realities …

Life is not the 100 meters shot … life is a Marathon …

Buongiorno Silvia,

mi fa piacere raccontarti la mia storia…

Ho conosciuto il mondo del lavoro da quando avevo 11 anni sui cantieri edili con mio padre presso la sua piccola impresa edile. Durante questa avventura mentre i miei compagni di scuola il periodo delle vacanze estive andavano al mare io “aiutavo” mio padre guadagnandomi un mini stipendio il quale mi ha permesso di comprarmi il mio primo ciclomotore motorino in gergo) da solo.

Successivamente Ho iniziato a fare il Barista e in contemporanea il Cameriere da quando avevo 16 anni e sono riuscito a comprarmi anche la mia prima macchina da solo.( grande soddisfazione)

All’età di 18 anni sono entrato alla SDA Corriere espresso dove ho iniziato a vedere diverse nuove realtà ed ho iniziato a incontrare i primi business Man… dopo la Sda sono passato alla DHL corriere espresso e poi ho avuto un’occasione… il famoso treno di cui molti parlano. Ti Assicuro che i treni nella vita sono tanti e L importante è prenderne più possibili…

Per diventare un imprenditore o iniziare un percorso da imprenditore devi avere Ben chiari gli obiettivi… quello che vuoi essere… Quello che vuoi fare… Quello che vuoi avere… E In quanto tempo lo vuoi avere… Bisogna essere Ambiziosi… Credere in se stessi… Prendere spunti da Imprenditori con la i maiuscola… Come hanno fatto loro? Cosa posso fare io per essere come loro?

Ricerche, approfondire curiosità, cercare di imitare personaggi del genere… …Sapere è Potere... Quando si hanno chiari i propri obiettivi a quel punto la cosa più importante è IL PRIMO PASSO VERSO IL SUCCESSO… Attenzione per successo non si intende avere un conto corrente milionario… ma raggiungere il proprio obiettivo Qualsiasi esso sia…

Ma ora torniamo a Noi e al mio primo successo/treno: Se c è una cosa che ti permette di aprire infinite porte nella vita è la serietà, la sincerità e la correttezza verso il prossimo.

Ho aperto la mia prima attività nel Febbraio 2011 (all’età di 24 anni) a Roma: Una piccola pizzeria a taglio di circa 100 mq denominata American Pizza (questo per dimostrare il mio infinito amore per L’America) la quale tu conosci bene perché eri una mia Cliente… L’ho acquistata pagandola a Rate al proprietario… Ho venduto un’autovettura che avevo per 15.000€ e con questo macro capitale ed Una Stretta Di mano sono riuscito a prenderla… Chi me L’ha venduta mi conosceva e sapeva che ci tenevo alla parola data e qualora non avessi potuto più pagare gliel’avrei restituita perdendo quello che avevo investito. Accettò.

Dopo 2 anni di attività nel 2013 avevo bisogno di nuovi stimoli ed Ho aperto il Mio primo Autosalone a Roma… devo dire che tutte e due le imprese mi tenevano molto impegnato ma allo stesso tempo mi soddisfacevano tanto…

Fino a quando ho conosciuto alcuni imprenditori che mi hanno aperto un mondo. Come dicevo prima, è sempre grazie a qualcuno che si prende spunto… Lo si imita per poter arrivare ad un traguardo… Ho iniziato questo mio nuovo percorso imprenditoriale come Consulente Aziendale sul mercato nonostante la forte crisi economica presente ancora oggi…

Aprivo la mattina la Pizzeria… poi correvo ad aprire L autosalone e poi facevo il giro di appuntamenti presso i miei nuovi clienti come consulente aziendale. Ovviamente da lì a poco, tempo di capire che questa mia nuova attività necessitava di più impegno, ho venduto la pizzeria e l’autosalone…

Con questa nuova attività Ho continuato a conoscere tanti altri grandi imprenditori, professionisti, consulenti E ti devo dire che da ognuno di loro ho appreso qualcosa… quel qualcosa che mi è tornato molto utile nel lavoro e nella vita in generale… da tutti si impara qualcosa Anche da un bambino. Non bisogna mai dare nulla per scontato...

Ad oggi dal 2016 Offro la mia consulenza a circa 70 Imprenditori, mi dedico all’edilizia, Ho aperto un Bar vicino al Vaticano e ho una società di Autonoleggio

Vivo di stimoli, Non sono una persona che si accontenta Ma tutti i traguardi che ho raggiunto sono anche merito dei collaboratori che ho vicino

Ora Il mio prossimo grande obiettivo è trasferirmi negli Stati Uniti… E iniziare nuove realtà…

La vita non sono i 100 metri di scatto… la vita è una Maratona…

Bonjour Silvia,

Je suis content de vous raconter mon histoire …

Je connais le monde du travail depuis mes 11 ans sur les chantiers de construction avec mon père dans sa petite entreprise de construction. Au cours de cette aventure alors que mes camarades de classe allaient à la plage pendant les vacances d’été, j’ai “aidé” mon père en gagnant un mini salaire qui m’a permis d’acheter mon premier cyclomoteur seul.

Par la suite, j’ai commencé à travailler comme barman et en même temps comme serveur depuis l’âge de 16 ans et j’ai réussi à acheter ma première voiture par moi-même. (Grande satisfaction)

À l’âge de 18 ans, je suis entré dans l’espresso SDA Corriere où j’ai commencé à voir plusieurs nouvelles réalités et j’ai commencé à rencontrer le premier homme d’affaires … après le SDA, je suis allé au courrier express DHL, puis j’ai eu l’occasion.. le fameux “train” dont beaucoup parlent. Je vous assure qu’il y a beaucoup de trains dans la vie et l’important est d’en prendre autant que possible …

Pour devenir entrepreneur ou commencer le parcours d’un entrepreneur, vous devez avoir des objectifs clairs … ce que vous voulez être … Ce que vous voulez faire … Ce que vous voulez avoir … E Combien de temps voulez-vous l’avoir … Il faut être ambitieux … croire en soi … prendre des idées d’entrepreneurs grandiuex … Comment ont-ils fait? Que puis-je faire pour être comme eux?

Rechercher, approfondir la curiosité, essayer d’imiter de tels personnages … … La connaissance c’est le pouvoir … Lorsque vos objectifs sont clairs à ce stade, la chose la plus importante est LA PREMIÈRE ÉTAPE VERS LE SUCCÈS … Attention au succès vous n’avez pas l’intention d’avoir un compte courant millionnaire … mais pour atteindre votre objectif Quoi qu’il en soit

Mais revenons maintenant à Nous et à mon premier succès / train: s’il y a une chose qui vous permet d’ouvrir des portes infinies dans la vie, c’est le sérieux, la sincérité et la justesse envers les autres.

J’ai ouvert ma première entreprise en février 2011 (à l’âge de 24 ans) à Rome: une petite pizzeria d’environ 100 mètres carrés appelée American Pizza (ceci pour démontrer mon amour infini pour l’Amérique) que vous connaissez bien parce que vous étiez une de mes clients … Je l’ai acheté en le payant par versements au propriétaire … J’ai vendu une voiture que j’avais pour 15 000 € et avec ce capital macro et une poignée de main j’ai réussi à le prendre … Le propriétaire me connaissait et savait que je tenais à la parole donnée et si je ne pouvais plus payer, je l’aurais rendu, perdant ce que j’avais investi. Il a accepté.

Après 2 ans d’activité en 2013 j’avais besoin de nouveaux stimuli et j’ai ouvert mon premier showroom automobile à Rome … Je dois dire que les deux sociétés m’ont beaucoup occupé mais en même temps elles m’ont beaucoup satisfait …

Jusqu’à ce que je rencontre des entrepreneurs qui m’ont ouvert un monde. Comme je l’ai déjà dit, c’est toujours grâce à quelqu’un qui prend le signal … C’est imité de pouvoir atteindre un objectif … J’ai commencé ma nouvelle carrière entrepreneuriale en tant que Business Consultant sur le marché malgré la forte crise économique toujours présente aujourd’hui .. .

J’ai ouvert la pizzeria le matin … puis j’ai couru pour ouvrir le showroom automobile et j’ai ensuite pris rendez-vous avec mes nouveaux clients en tant que consultant commercial. Évidemment peu de temps après, le temps de comprendre que cette nouvelle entreprise nécessitait plus d’efforts, j’ai vendu la pizzeria et le showroom automobile …

Avec cette nouvelle activité, j’ai continué à connaître de nombreux autres grands entrepreneurs, professionnels, consultants Et je dois vous dire que de chacun d’eux j’ai appris quelque chose … cette chose qui m’est revenue très utile au travail et dans la vie en général … de tout le monde apprend quelque chose même d’un enfant. Vous ne devriez jamais rien prendre pour acquis …

A ce jour depuis 2016 j’offre mes conseils à environ 70 entrepreneurs, je me consacre à la construction, j’ai ouvert un bar près du Vatican et j’ai une société de location de voiture

… Je vis avec des incitations, je ne suis pas une personne satisfaite Mais tous les objectifs que j’ai atteints sont aussi grâce aux collaborateurs que j’ai proches …

Maintenant, mon prochain grand objectif est de déménager aux États-Unis … Et de commencer de nouvelles réalités …

La vie n’est pas le coup de 100 mètres … la vie est un marathon …

Buenos dias silvia

Me alegra contarte mi historia …

Conozco el mundo del trabajo desde que tenía 11 años en obras de construcción con mi padre en su pequeña empresa de construcción. Durante esta aventura, mientras mis amigos de la escuela iban a la playa durante el período de vacaciones de verano, “ayudé” a mi padre y gané un mini salario, lo que me permitió comprar mi primer scooter de ciclomotor.

Posteriormente comencé a trabajar como cantinero y al mismo tiempo como camarero desde que tenía 16 años y logré comprar mi primer auto por mi cuenta. (Gran satisfacción)

A los 18 años entré en el SDA Corriere espresso donde comencé a ver varias realidades nuevas y comencé a conocer al primer hombre de negocios … después del SDA fui al servicio de mensajería urgente de DHL y luego tuve la oportunidad … El famoso “tren” del que muchos hablan. Te aseguro que hay muchos “trenes” en la vida y lo importante es tomar tantos como sea posible

Para convertirte en emprendedor o comenzar una carrera como emprendedor debes tener objetivos claros … lo que quieres ser … lo que quieres hacer … lo que quieres tener ... y cuánto tiempo quieres tenerlo … Tienes que ser ambicioso … creer en ti mismo … seguir las indicaciones de los empresarios mejores … ¿Cómo lo hicieron? ¿Qué puedo hacer para ser como ellos?

Investigue, profundice la curiosidad, trate de imitar a esos personajes … … El conocimiento es poder … Cuando tenga sus objetivos claros en ese momento, lo más importante es EL PRIMER PASO HACIA EL ÉXITO … Atención para el éxito no tiene la intención de tener una cuenta corriente millonaria … pero para lograr su objetivo Sea lo que sea …

Pero ahora volvamos a Nosotros y mi primer éxito / tren: si hay una cosa que le permite abrir puertas infinitas en la vida, es la seriedad, la sinceridad y la corrección hacia los demás.

Abrí mi primer negocio en febrero de 2011 (a la edad de 24 años) en Roma: una pequeña pizzería de unos 100 metros cuadrados llamada American Pizza (esto para demostrar mi amor infinito por América) que conoces bien porque eras una cliente mía… Lo compré pagándolo en cuotas al propietario … Vendí un automóvil que tenía por € 15,000 y con este macro capital y un apretón de manos logré tomarlo … Quién me lo vendió, me conocía y sabía que me importaba la palabra dada, y si ya no podía pagar, se la habría devuelto, perdiendo lo que había invertido. Él aceptó.

Después de 2 años de actividad en 2013, necesitaba nuevos estímulos y abrí mi primera sala de exposición de automóviles en Roma … Debo decir que ambas compañías me mantuvieron muy ocupado pero al mismo tiempo me satisficieron mucho …

Hasta que conocí a algunos emprendedores que me abrieron un mundo. Como dije antes, siempre es gracias a alguien que toma el ejemplo … Se imita para poder alcanzar una meta … Comencé mi nueva carrera empresarial como Consultor de Negocios en el mercado a pesar de la fuerte crisis económica que todavía existe hoy..

Abrí la pizzería por la mañana … luego corrí para abrir la sala de exposición de automóviles y luego hice la ronda de citas con mis nuevos clientes como consultor comercial. Obviamente, poco después, tiempo para comprender que este nuevo negocio mío necesitaba más esfuerzo, vendí la pizzería y la sala de exposición de automóviles …

Con esta nueva actividad, he seguido conociendo a muchos otros grandes emprendedores, profesionales, consultores. Y debo decirles que de cada uno de ellos aprendí algo … algo que me resultó muy útil en el trabajo y en la vida en general … de todo el mundo puedes aprender algo, incluso de un niño. Nunca debes dar nada por sentado …

Hasta la fecha desde 2016 ofrezco mi consejo a unos 70 empresarios, me dedico a la construcción, abrí un bar cerca del Vaticano y tengo una empresa de alquiler de autos

… Vivo con estímulos, no soy una persona satisfecha, pero todos los objetivos que he logrado también son gracias a los colaboradores que tengo cerca …

Ahora mi próximo gran objetivo es mudarme a los Estados Unidos … y comenzar nuevas realidades …

La vida no es el tiro de 100 metros … la vida es un maratón …

  • Which are the elements, the moments, the details that make you satisfied and willing to renew every year your decision to be a volleyball coach?
    • I truly love being part of a team. Essentially helping one another develop and progress towards success of the whole team.  One of the most satisfying things is watching the development of a girl as an athlete and person. Sports teach so much more than athletic skills.  It develops work ethic, determination, collaboration, effective communication, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • How this profession has born inside you?
    • From a young age, I loved being active and outdoors. I was in 8th grade, when I saw my big brother pursue a place on his high school volleyball team.  I picked up a ball, and the rest is history.  My twin sister and I would play together all summer long and began playing in school as well as on club teams.  Playing in college wasn’t the faintest thought until a club coach of mine mentioned it. And just like that, the spark was lit and volleyball has been a driving factor in my life since.  I have had so many doors open personally and professionally because of my involvement with volleyball.  I got a college education for free, travelled around the world, and have gainful employment allowing me to live on the most remote island in the world.  Not to mention all the amazing friends and inspiring athletes I’ve met along the way.
  • Can you please list the ages, the kind of schools and leagues you have in you resumè?
    • Officially, I have coached primary children from 5 years old all the way up to college athletes for over 15 years. Unofficially, I also train and work with adults; some novice and others former professionals and collegiate athletes that just like to train.  Through this training, I was fortunate to have opportunities to play at the pro and semi-pro levels, domestically and internationally.
    • Hawaii Pacific University, Women’s Volleyball Assistant Coach – 2 years
    • Hawaii Pacific University, Women’s Volleyball Graduate Assistant Coach – 3 years
    • Hawaii Pacific University, Women’s Volleyball Volunteer Assistant Coach – 1 year
    • Outrigger Canoe Club, Girl’s Beach Volleyball Club, Assistant Coach – 4 years
    • Extreme Fitness Club, Fundamentals Volleyball Clinics, Assistant Coach – 3 years
    • Southside Highschool, Women’s Volleyball, Freshman Head Volleyball Coach – 2 years
    • Three Rivers Volleyball Club, 14s Girls Head Coach – 2 years
  • How different is to coach different ages and in which way?
    • Wow, it is quite different coaching different ages. Even between a couple of years from 11 to 13 there can be quite the change of personality, therefore coaching approach.  Much of this has to do with maturity level and ability to pay attention.  In addition to age, individual personalities make a big difference in coaching approach.  Some kids like to be pushed and others need more of a gentle nudge.  With young, primary school age children the fun and challenge of coaching them is finding ways to make it fun and keeping them engaged.  The drills are much simpler and focus on basic motor skills versus complex technique or strategy.  Of course, we use the ball and equipment in fun ways to develop this.  Middle school children are very enthusiastic.  Some are playing just to have fun and others really want to learn and develop skill.  The challenge is finding ways to do both these things and keep both groups engaged.  Specific development of certain skills and techniques can be quite boring with repetitive muscle memory exercise. So, we must mix this in with fun drills.  Then you have high school and college age athletes.  In high school there are still a few kids that holding on to the sport with natural athletic ability.  In college, athletes are vetted and only those willing to do the hard work make the team.  My personal coaching approach is a bit laid back. I do not yell or push very hard.  Instead, I enjoy focusing on technique and strategy.  I let the girls know what is expected and what they can do to achieve their goals.
  • Is there a specific memory about coaching you want to share?
    • Many of the memories with coaching happen off the court. I remember the road trips, all the team dinners and pre-game meals.  The time spent off the court is what really brings the team together as a family. Specifically, I remember our tradition at HPU where we all sit in a circle and share something good that we appreciate about another teammate.  It can get quite personal and emotional.  On the court, I love the times where kids have break out games.  Where all their hard work from practice translates to an amazing game.  One of our liberos, (defensive specialist) had such a moment in the beginning of her senior year where she had a record number of digs and took the starting position for the rest of the season.
  • Quali sono gli elementi, i momenti, i dettagli che ti rendono soddisfatta e disposta a rinnovare ogni anno la tua decisione di diventare un’allenatrice di pallavolo?

o Adoro davvero far parte di una squadra. Sostanzialmente aiutandoci a vicenda a sviluppare e progredire verso il successo di tutto il team. Una delle cose più soddisfacenti è guardare lo sviluppo di una ragazza come atleta e persona. Lo sport insegna molto oltre le capacità atletiche. Sviluppa etica del lavoro, determinazione, collaborazione, comunicazione efficace, problem solving e pensiero critico.

  • Come è nata questa professione dentro di te?

o Fin da giovane, ho adorato essere attiva e all’aperto. Ero in terza media, quando ho visto mio fratello maggiore inseguire un posto nella sua squadra di pallavolo del liceo. Ho preso una palla per imitarlo e il resto è storia. Io e mia sorella gemella abbiamo giocato insieme per tutta l’estate e poi iniziato a scuola e in squadre di club. Giocare al college non era minimamente il mio pensiero fino a quando un mio allenatore di club non me l’ha proposto. E proprio così, la scintilla è scattata e la pallavolo è stata un fattore trainante nella mia vita da allora. Ho avuto così tante porte aperte personalmente e professionalmente grazie al mio coinvolgimento con la pallavolo. Ho ricevuto un’istruzione universitaria gratuita, ho viaggiato in tutto il mondo e ho un lavoro retribuito che mi ha permesso di vivere sull’isola più remota del mondo. Per non parlare di tutti i fantastici amici e atleti stimolanti che ho incontrato lungo la strada.

  • Puoi per favore elencare le età, il tipo di scuole e le leghe che hai nel tuo curriculum?

o Ufficialmente, ho allenato dai bambini di 5 anni fino agli atleti del college di oltre 15 anni. Ufficiosamente, mi alleno e lavoro con gli adulti; alcuni principianti e altri ex professionisti e atleti universitari che amano solo allenarsi. Attraverso questa formazione, ho avuto la fortuna di avere opportunità di giocare a livello pro e semi-pro, a livello nazionale e internazionale.

o Hawaii Pacific University, Assistente allenatore di pallavolo femminile – 2 anni

o Hawaii Pacific University, Allenatore assistente pallavolo femminile – 3 anni

o Hawaii Pacific University, Assistente volontario di pallavolo femminile – 1 anno

o Outrigger Canoe Club, Girl’s Beach Volleyball Club, Assistant Coach – 4 anni

o Extreme Fitness Club, Fondamentals Volleyball Clinics, Assistant Coach – 3 anni

o Scuola superiore di Southside, Pallavolo femminile, Allenatore di pallavolo capo Freshman – 2 anni

o Three Rivers Volleyball Club, Head Coach 14s Girls – 2 anni

  • Quanto è diverso allenare persone di età diverse e in che modo?

o Wow, è abbastanza diverso allenare persone di età diverse! Anche solo un paio d’anni tra gli 11 e i 13 ci può essere un bel cambiamento di personalità, quindi un differente approccio di coaching. Gran parte di ciò ha a che fare con il livello di maturità e la capacità di prestare attenzione. Oltre all’età, le personalità individuali fanno una grande differenza nell’approccio del coaching. Ad alcuni bambini piace essere spronati e altri hanno bisogno di una più leggera spinta. Con i bambini in età scolare, il divertimento e la sfida di istruirli sono trovare modi per renderli divertenti e impegnarli. Le esercitazioni sono molto più semplici e si concentrano sulle abilità motorie di base rispetto a tecniche o strategie complesse. Naturalmente, usiamo la palla e tutti gli altri strumenti in modi divertenti per stimolarli. I bambini delle scuole medie sono molto entusiasti. Alcuni stanno giocando solo per divertirsi e altri vogliono davvero imparare e sviluppare abilità. La sfida è trovare modi per fare entrambe queste cose e mantenere entrambi i gruppi coinvolti. Lo sviluppo specifico di alcune abilità e tecniche può essere abbastanza noioso con l’esercizio ripetitivo della memoria muscolare. Quindi, dobbiamo mescolarlo con esercizi divertenti. E poi ci sono gli atleti delle superiori e dei college. Al liceo ci sono ancora alcuni ragazzi che approcciano lo sport con naturale capacità atletica. Al college, gli atleti sono controllati e solo quelli disposti a fare il duro lavoro fanno la squadra. Il mio approccio al coaching personale è un po’ rilassato. Non urlo o spingo molto forte. Mi piace invece concentrarmi su tecnica e strategia. Faccio sapere alle ragazze cosa ci si aspetta e cosa possono fare per raggiungere i loro obiettivi.

  • C’è un ricordo specifico sull’allenamento che vuoi condividere con

o Molti dei ricordi da allenatrice sono legati a momenti vissuti fuori dal campo. Ricordo i viaggi su strada, tutte le cene di squadra e i pasti pre-partita. Il tempo trascorso fuori dal campo è ciò che unisce davvero la squadra come famiglia. In particolare, mi fa piacere condividere la nostra tradizione in HPU, dove tutti ci sediamo in cerchio e condividiamo qualcosa di buono che apprezziamo di un altro compagno di squadra. Questo momento può diventare davvero personale ed emotivo. Sul campo, i ricordi più belli sono i momenti in cui i bambini fanno giochi, esercizi, scherzano e si divertono. Il campo è il posto dove tutto il loro duro lavoro dalla pratica si traduce in un gioco fantastico.

  • Quels sont les éléments, les moments, les détails qui vous rendent satisfaite et désireuse de renouveler chaque année votre décision d’être entraîneur de volleyball?

o J’aime vraiment faire partie d’une équipe. S’aider essentiellement à se développer et à progresser vers le succès de toute l’équipe. L’une des choses les plus satisfaisantes est d’observer le développement d’une fille en tant qu’athlète et personne. Les sports enseignent bien plus que les compétences athlétiques. Il développe l’éthique du travail, la détermination, la collaboration, une communication efficace, la résolution de problèmes et la pensée critique.

  • Comment ce métier est né en vous?

o Dès mon jeune âge, j’ai adoré être active et en plein air. J’étais en 8e année, quand j’ai vu mon grand frère chercher une place dans son équipe de volley-ball au lycée. J’ai ramassé une balle et le reste appartient à l’histoire. Ma sœur jumelle et moi jouions ensemble tout l’été et avons commencé à jouer à l’école ainsi que dans les équipes de club. Jouer à l’université n’était pas la moindre pensée jusqu’à ce qu’un de mes entraîneurs de club le mentionne. Et juste comme ça, l’étincelle a été allumée et le volley-ball a été un facteur moteur dans ma vie depuis. J’ai eu tellement de portes ouvertes personnellement et professionnellement à cause de mon implication avec le volleyball. J’ai obtenu une éducation universitaire gratuitement, j’ai voyagé à travers le monde et j’ai un emploi rémunéré me permettant de vivre sur l’île la plus éloignée du monde. Sans oublier tous les amis incroyables et les athlètes inspirants que j’ai rencontrés en cours de route.

  • Pouvez-vous s’il vous plaît énumérer les âges, le type d’écoles et de ligues que vous avez en votre CV?

Officiellement, j’ai entraîné des enfants du primaire à partir de 5 ans jusqu’à des athlètes universitaires pendant plus de 15 ans. Officieusement, je m’entraîne également et travaille avec des adultes; certains novices et d’autres anciens professionnels et athlètes collégiaux qui aiment juste s’entraîner. Grâce à cette formation, j’ai eu la chance d’avoir l’opportunité de jouer aux niveaux pro et semi-pro, au niveau national et international.

o Hawaii Pacific University, entraîneur adjoint de volleyball féminin – 2 ans

o Hawaii Pacific University, entraîneur adjoint diplômé de volleyball féminin – 3 ans

o Hawaii Pacific University, entraîneure adjointe bénévole pour le volleyball féminin – 1 an

o Outrigger Canoe Club, Girl’s Beach Volleyball Club, Assistant Coach – 4 ans

o Extreme Fitness Club, Fundamentals Volleyball Clinics, Assistant Coach – 3 ans

o Southside Highschool, volleyball féminin, entraîneur de première année de volleyball – 2 ans

o Three Rivers Volleyball Club, 14s Girls Head Coach – 2 ans

  • En quoi est-ce différent de coacher différents âges et de quelle manière?

o Wow, chaque entraînement est très différent selon les âges. Même entre quelques années, de 11 à 13 ans, il peut y avoir tout à fait un changement de personnalité, donc une approche de coaching. Une grande partie de cela a à voir avec le niveau de maturité et la capacité de faire attention. En plus de l’âge, les personnalités individuelles font une grande différence dans l’approche de coaching. Certains enfants aiment être poussés et d’autres ont besoin d’un léger coup de pouce. Avec de jeunes enfants en âge d’aller à l’école primaire, le plaisir et le défi de les coacher sont de trouver des moyens de rendre le jeu amusant et de les garder engagés. Les exercices sont beaucoup plus simples et mettent l’accent sur les habiletés motrices de base par rapport à une technique ou une stratégie complexe. Bien sûr, nous utilisons le ballon et l’équipement de manière ludique pour développer cela. Les collégiens sont très enthousiastes. Certains jouent juste pour s’amuser et d’autres veulent vraiment apprendre et développer des compétences. Le défi consiste à trouver des moyens de faire ces deux choses et de maintenir l’engagement des deux groupes. Le développement spécifique de certaines compétences et techniques peut être assez ennuyeux avec des exercices de mémoire musculaire répétitifs. Donc, nous devons mélanger cela avec des exercices amusants. Ensuite, vous avez des athlètes d’âge secondaire et collégial. Au lycée, il y a encore quelques enfants qui s’accrochent au sport avec des capacités athlétiques naturelles. Au collège, les athlètes sont contrôlés et seuls ceux qui sont prêts à travailler dur font partie de l’équipe. Mon approche de coaching personnel est un peu décontractée. Je ne crie ni ne pousse très fort. Au lieu de cela, j’aime me concentrer sur la technique et la stratégie. Je fais savoir aux filles ce qui est attendu et ce qu’elles peuvent faire pour atteindre leurs objectifs.

  • Y a-t-il un souvenir spécifique du coaching que vous souhaitez partager?

o Beaucoup de souvenirs avec le coaching se produisent hors du terrain. Je me souviens des voyages en voiture, de tous les dîners d’équipe et des repas d’avant-match. Le temps passé hors du court est ce qui rassemble vraiment l’équipe en famille. Plus précisément, je me souviens de notre tradition à HPU où nous nous asseyons tous en cercle et partageons quelque chose de bien que nous apprécions chez un autre coéquipier. Cela peut devenir assez personnel et émotionnel. Sur le terrain, j’adore les moments où les enfants jouent à des jeux. Où tout leur travail acharné de la pratique se traduit par un jeu incroyable. Une de nos libéro (spécialiste défensive) a connu un tel moment au début de sa dernière année où elle a réalisé un nombre record de fouilles et a pris la position de départ pour le reste de la saison.

  • ¿Cuáles son los elementos, los momentos, los detalles que te hacen sentir satisfecho y dispuesto a renovar cada año tu decisión de ser entrenador de voleibol?

o Realmente me encanta ser parte de un equipo. Esencialmente ayudándonos mutuamente a desarrollar y progresar hacia el éxito de todo el equipo. Una de las cosas más satisfactorias es observar el desarrollo de una niña como atleta y persona. Los deportes enseñan mucho más que las habilidades atléticas. Desarrolla ética de trabajo, determinación, colaboración, comunicación efectiva, resolución de problemas y pensamiento crítico.

  • ¿Cómo ha nacido esta profesión dentro de ti?

o Desde muy joven, me encantaba estar activo y al aire libre. Estaba en octavo grado, cuando vi a mi hermano mayor buscar un lugar en su equipo de voleibol de la escuela secundaria. Recogí una pelota, y el resto es historia. Mi hermana gemela y yo jugábamos juntas todo el verano y comenzamos a jugar en la escuela y en los equipos del club. Jugar en la universidad no era lo peor hasta que un entrenador del club lo mencionó. Y así, la chispa se encendió y el voleibol ha sido un factor determinante en mi vida desde entonces. He tenido tantas puertas abiertas personal y profesionalmente debido a mi participación en el voleibol. Obtuve una educación universitaria gratuita, viajé por todo el mundo y tengo un empleo remunerado que me permite vivir en la isla más remota del mundo. Sin mencionar a todos los increíbles amigos y atletas inspiradores que he conocido en el camino.

  • ¿Puedes enumerar las edades, el tipo de escuelas y ligas que tienes en tu currículum?

o Oficialmente, he entrenado a niños de primaria desde 5 años hasta atletas universitarios por más de 15 años. Extraoficialmente, también entreno y trabajo con adultos; algunos novatos y otros ex profesionales y atletas universitarios a los que les gusta entrenar. A través de este entrenamiento, tuve la suerte de tener oportunidades de jugar en los niveles profesional y semiprofesional, nacional e internacional.

o Hawaii Pacific University, Entrenador asistente de voleibol femenino – 2 años

o Hawaii Pacific University, Entrenador Asistente Graduado de Voleibol Femenino – 3 años

o Hawaii Pacific University, Entrenador asistente voluntario de voleibol femenino – 1 año

o Outrigger Canoe Club, Girl’s Beach Volleyball Club, Entrenador asistente – 4 años

o Extreme Fitness Club, Fundamentals Volleyball Clinics, Assistant Coach – 3 años

o Southside Highschool, Voleibol Femenino, Entrenador Principal de Voleibol Freshman – 2 años

o Three Rivers Volleyball Club, 14s Head Coach – 2 años

  • ¿Qué tan diferente es entrenar a diferentes edades y de qué manera?

o Wow, es bastante diferente entrenar a diferentes edades. Incluso entre un par de años, del 11 al 13, puede haber un cambio considerable de personalidad, por lo tanto, un enfoque de entrenamiento. Gran parte de esto tiene que ver con el nivel de madurez y la capacidad de prestar atención. Además de la edad, las personalidades individuales hacen una gran diferencia en el enfoque de coaching. A algunos niños les gusta que los empujen y otros necesitan un empujoncito más gentil. Con los niños pequeños en edad escolar primaria, la diversión y el desafío de entrenarlos es encontrar formas de hacerlo divertido y mantenerlos comprometidos. Los ejercicios son mucho más simples y se centran en las habilidades motoras básicas frente a las técnicas o estrategias complejas. Por supuesto, usamos la pelota y el equipo de maneras divertidas para desarrollar esto. Los niños de secundaria son muy entusiastas. Algunos juegan solo para divertirse y otros realmente quieren aprender y desarrollar habilidades. El desafío es encontrar formas de hacer ambas cosas y mantener a ambos grupos comprometidos. El desarrollo específico de ciertas habilidades y técnicas puede ser bastante aburrido con ejercicios repetitivos de memoria muscular. Por lo tanto, debemos mezclar esto con ejercicios divertidos. Entonces tienes atletas de secundaria y universitarios. En la escuela secundaria todavía hay algunos niños que practican el deporte con una habilidad atlética natural. En la universidad, los atletas son examinados y solo aquellos dispuestos a hacer el trabajo duro forman el equipo. Mi enfoque de coaching personal es un poco relajado. No grito ni empujo muy fuerte. En cambio, disfruto enfocándome en la técnica y la estrategia. Dejo que las chicas sepan qué se espera y qué pueden hacer para lograr sus objetivos.

  • ¿Hay algún recuerdo específico sobre el coaching que quieras compartir?

o Muchos de los recuerdos con el entrenamiento ocurren fuera de la cancha. Recuerdo los viajes por carretera, todas las cenas en equipo y las comidas previas al juego. El tiempo pasado fuera de la cancha es lo que realmente une al equipo como familia. Específicamente, recuerdo nuestra tradición en HPU donde todos nos sentamos en círculo y compartimos algo bueno que apreciamos de otro compañero de equipo. Puede ser bastante personal y emocional. En la cancha, me encantan los momentos en los que los niños tienen juegos. Donde todo su trabajo duro de la práctica se traduce en un juego increíble. Uno de nuestros liberos, (especialista en defensa) tuvo un momento así al comienzo de su último año en el que tuvo un número récord de excavaciones y tomó la posición de partida durante el resto de la temporada.