Trasferimenti & Tours

Here we are! Ready for your transfers in every city, to and from the airports, for every trip out of town and why not, for a whole day of good shopping ?!

We’ll book the ideal driver, minibus or car for your travels.

Do you want to integrate your trip, your transfer with a tour created specifically for you?

Just ask! All you have to do is to sit down and let yourself be carried.

Booking & Accomodations

Are you at work or in the middle of those chaotic times that happen to all of us? And you just need to change the air .. contact us and we will take care of everything!

Are you already imagining to live a weekend among spas, walks and delicious tastings? Or taking a few days to dive into new adventures? Do you want to visit exclusive destinations for a few connoisseurs? Contact

We’ll book for you, choose the best location, guarantee maximum comfort and all you have to do is enjoy all this.

Personal Shopper

A passion more than a simple job!

Our goal is to customize a day of shopping, to live together or we can just go buying for you what you need and what we believe is the most suitable and charming for your style!

How many times do we stop in front of a shop, we get in and then suddenly total confusion about which dress or sweater or shoe to choose?

That’s why is the ideal company for your shopping’s sessions!

And you can complete this fantastic experience choosing us as your beauty consultants for your total look!! Outfits, make up artists, hair styles.. Just contact us for your best image expert!

Wedding Planner

You have always imagined the wedding of your dreams and don’t want to fail in making it happen! offers you the right support and complete organization for this perfect day.

There are many details to take care of, and when you start the time available will seem a lot .. but then it will tighten and increase anxiety and energy.

That’s why we are here for you!

Let us know what you’ve always dreamed of and Cradle yourself in the unforgettable emotion you deserve.

Social PR

“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” – Bill Gates, Chairman Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft

And how can we not believe Bill Gates’ thinking and strategy? will help you to spread the awareness of your company and your products, to establish a more direct relationship with your possible customers and to interact with important figures of press offices, advertising and marketing.

If you think you have all the cards for success, all you have to do is meet us to positively build the best PR plan for you!

Beauty and Wellness

We wanna take care of your internal and external beauty, advise you on the best to make you feel better .. that’s what we want!

Are you traveling and you can’t go to your trusted hairdresser?

Are you in urgent need of make up for a super event or night out?

Do you want to try a different style from the one tried so far?

We are here to recommend the best and make you feel at the top!

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