I met Jillian when i lived in Boston and she patiently worked on my Italian habits of eating lots of gluten and carbs meals during the day.

I was not a huge fan of fitness, but she always made it more funny and engaging.

Then i moved to Hawaii and brought with me the good habits and tricks she had transmitted to me, the goal of keeping living a healthier and more active life.

I think it’s honestly also thanks to her and my priority to outdoor life if i lived in a very healthy way through this crazy awful pandemic!

So i asked Jillian to please take some of her precious time to answer to my questions to introduce her to you 🙂

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1.How and when was Fitness Unlimited Created?
Fitness Unlimited was created in the 1980’s as a women’s onlyhealth club with our number one priority being to deliver a personal and rewarding fitness experience, and the support that comes with an all-women club, to help you build strength, wellness and confidence.

2.What are your values, vision and mission?

We are a community of women committed to inspiring, empowering and motivating each other to achieve happier, healthier lives through fitness and nutrition.

Fitness Unlimited has called East Milton Square home for 40+ years. Over the decades, we have built a community of fellow fitness lovers. We have grown in square footage and are now the largest all-women facility on the South Shore. With an ownership change in 2020, we are proud to be a women-owned business serving all women!

Our team strives to provide a fun, safe and effective workout environment, as well as a state-of-the-art nutrition program, that energizes members on their path to wellness and a balanced lifestyle. We aspire to be a warm and welcoming place where women of all ages, all sizes, all walks of life, and all ethnicities feel nurtured and supported no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Over the years, we noticed that mothers, daughters, wives, friends, and business leaders often put the needs of others first. At Fitness Unlimited we are here to help you put YOU first.

3.Where did you get your inspiration from?
The creators of Fitness Unlimited first saw a lack in gyms/ health clubs that catered to women’s needs and they were inspired to create such a place. From there they were inspired to help show women how to put themselves first when it comes to health and fitness.

4.How has this job changed with the pandemic?
Being just outside of Boston, our facility was required to shut down for about 5 months with very strict reopening protocols to follow. Despite these changes to our original way of operating, we pivoted and launched Fitness Unlimited Virtual. Fitness Unlimited Virtual is an incredibly successful platform that we still use today. We not only created this platform for our members to be able to take their favorite classes virtually but we also created a Fitness Unlimited Members Only Facebook Group for our members to stay connected. To join our Fitness Unlimited Virtual Platform please head to our website:

5.Goals for this 2022? Can we have anticipations about the new projects?
Our biggest goal for 2022 is to safely get all our members and new members back into their health and fitness routines. Now more than ever, it is SO important to treat our bodies well through fitness and nutrition. We plan to run our very successful LBD program again this fall. The LBD program is designed to help members find the right balance of fitness and nutrition that is right for them and create positive lifestyle changes with all that they learn. To learn more about our LBD program please contact Jillian Boston, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, at

6.Last place you have visited: What’s your favorite characteristic, product, aspect, food, place, drink, show of it?
The last place I visited was Folly Beach, SC. My favorite part about it was that you could just be yourself there and enjoy the beach. Everyone was so laid back and friendly. They have the best local tacos and drinks at a spot called Chico Feos.