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Maddie Gets Organized: a cute declutter you should meet!

Ciao Maddie, Thanks for your availability and talk to us about your business in professional decluttering. How and when Maddie Gets Organized was created? Ciao! Thank you for reaching out. I first started working professionally as a home organizer in the middle of 2020. I was working as a coordinator and due to the pandemic I […]

My Personal Mission Statement by Alexa Untermann

Hello Hello! Ready for you an intense, encouraging article on Personal Mission Statement by Alexa Untermann. Ale is a close friend of mine here in Honolulu, she is so charismatic and energic. She always tells me about interesting researches she makes and keep capturing my attention with her comments and points of view. That’s why […]

My salmon crust pie

Aloha from an italian kitchen in Hawaii!! Last night i had a fresh good salmon in my fridge and felt willing to try some new recipe to make it. Usually we bake it with pistachios crust or with potatoes. So, it was the moment to try something new, different. I navigated around google and found […]

Home made Pesto by a super talented and charismatic Jolie

wow!! that’s what i think every time i meet Jolie and i talk to her. She is so talented and charismatic, she has a lot of hobbies, interests and she smiles a lot, shining..! So, last week she posted on her instagram account https://www.instagram.com/jolie9razzy/?hl=it (i really suggest you to follow her) a picture of her […]